Beauty Is What You Behold And Good Health Comes From Within

Post by Sujata Sanyal | Jul 07, 2017

It is indeed true that how you feel inwards does reflect outwards. Good health is a major contributor to your outer radiance and feel good factor. The linkage between both runs deep and can be adjudged from the following:

Natural Hair

A booming health always has glossy hair that appears shiny. You would not be having split ends nor your hair will appear rough and lack-lustered.


Unhealthy Skin

 Lack of healthy skin has a negative impact on your total beauty. It is parched, rough and also has blackheads. It gives a dehydrated look that hampers your beauty. If you follow an unregulated lifestyle and do not take a proper intake of vitamins and minerals in your diet your health gets impacted, which would obviously show in your face. You can also get a double skin-tone if your health dynamics are not proper.

 Chipped Nails

Pink looking nails definitely display radiant health. Nails that appear chipped and broken are signs of deficiency like lack of calcium. 

Dark Circles

 Dark circles under your eyes are a signal of bad health. It shows nutritional deficiency and a diet packed with vitamins like A, R,C, or K can help to combat your dark circles. Excessive drinking and consuming too much of caffeinated drinks are also culprits.  


Be cautious of all the warning signals and pay attention to your lifestyle habits and dietary intake so that you can maintain a wonderful rhythm of health and beauty.