Best Classy And Hot Lip Shades Of 2017!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Dec 07, 2017

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Bold lip color shades is the new hue and is in fashion when it comes to lipsticks this season. Beautiful and vibrant colored lipsticks add a tone to your face and glams up your beauty. With lipstick, you get to grab an instant facial glow without which fashion is truly incomplete.

There are numerous shades that you can pick from and there is one for each one of us that we must choose depending upon our complexion as well as the sense of style. But there are also latest trends that you can follow to create style statements of your own.

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If you are confused about the latest shades on the block, then read on to know about the ones that you must have in your makeup closet.

Sizzling Red Hot

You can never go wrong with red and this color will go with any of your outfits and will give you the perfect vibrance. Red lips perfectly complement your look with any of the solid colors.

Electric Orange

Orange is definitely in this season! Remember this is not the usual orange that would blend in but stand out giving exceptional prominence to your lips.

Purple Shade

If you wish to create a voguish touch, then purple is another color that can have a great impact on your face.  Just Like other colors, you can find purple in various shades for your lips. With a lip crayon, you can create a soft look or use a liquid lip liner to grab the bolder feel.

Magenta The Girly Shade

The perfect girly shade that brings out the best color from you and gives you the best idea for all the other colors and makes your face glow up with all the essential vogue touch. Bright pink, peony, poppy pink and fuchsia pick any one of your shade to add an instant pop to your face.

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