Enjoy An Extended Holiday And Save 35% On Selected Hotels!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Apr 20, 2018

Travelling to different places and enjoying at a different location is quite a nice thing to do. But, sometimes the remembrance of coming back to home feels a dissatisfaction to you. Yes, most of us feel like this, as vacationing and holidaying is the happiest experience that we don't want it to end.

The reason that our vacation comes to halt can be because of many reasons like work pressure, exam pressure, don't have enough budget, or any other. Well, I don't know about any other reason but the budget reason can be justified here easily.

What if someone tells you, that you can extend your vacation longer without even spending extra money on your hotels? Well yes, by booking your hotels from Expedia, you get a chance to enjoy a great holiday at a much lesser price. 

Therefore, you can easily plan a long holiday trip without even bothering about budget and expenses and travel to any place around the world without any restriction.

You just need to book a minimum of 5 nights stay and save 35% on selected hotels. For all Stay Longer deals, see some of the deals below:

Book Manila Hotels

Plan to visit Manila and enjoy up to 60% off and additional discount too. You can have lots of fun in Manila without bothering about your number of stays here. Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is quite an enchanting place that is a densely populated bayside city on the island of Luzon,  that offers a lot more exciting colonial architecture with modern skyscrapers. 

You can have an Intramuros on your own but one of the most fun ways to encounter the place is to undergo it is at a sustainable bamboo bike made in a partner. You will surely have a great holiday here and your stay will also be worth rememberable.

Book Tokyo Hotels

Plan to travel Tokyo and book hotels at a reasonable price and get a discount of up to 62% on most of the deals. Don't get too hung up on ticking tourist sights off your list as Tokyo is quite the beautiful destination offering some of the amazing experience, most visitors experience the place by just wandering around at random and absorbing the vibe.

You can also enjoy crowding your head into stores selling strange and wonderful things, sampling establishments and enjoy great food.

Book London Hotels

London is also quite an exciting place and most of the visitors come here every year to experience the fashion and madness. You can grab up to 50% discount on London hotels and stay here for some more additional days. Explore London holidays and discover some of the best time and places to visit. 

You will enjoy London more when you visit here and by staying inmost comfortable hotels there. So, get here now!

This is the right time to book up your deals in any of the happening places. You can enjoy a great discount on your booking as well as you can easily extend your journey to different places. Do not forget to avail some exclusive Expedia voucher codes.