Homemade Winter Beauty Secrets You Must Be Knowing!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Nov 16, 2017

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Winter has arrived and so the dry skin. During winter, our skin tends to become dry, dull and dehydrated, thus it is important to treat this problem in order to maintain your flawless beauty. There are many homemade winter remedies apart from branded beauty products that will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized all day long. 

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Yogurt And Honey Pack

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Treat your pigmented skin especially during winter with this highly effective homemade winter beauty treatment. Yogurt and Honey is one of the best beauty remedies you must be following during winter as yogurt is effective in removing pigmentation, while honey hydrates your skin and keep it well moisturized all day long. Further, yogurt cleanses your skin from deep, leaving your skin clear and spotless. 


  • honey 2 teaspoon
  • yogurt 2 teaspoon
  • Mix well and apply on your skin for 15 minutes or until it is dry and then rinse with fresh water. 

Oatmeal And Milk Pack

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Yet another winter essential pack you must be applying on your skin to treat dry skin cells. If you've got a super dry skin and it looks dull and dark throughout the winters, then this pack will definitely be going to be your best friend, especially during winter. Oatmeal, when applied with milk, provides a super soft, moisturized and glowing skin. Hence, it can be said that Oatmeal and milk is a great pack to apply during winter as it keeps your skin moisturized and soft all day long. 


  • Oatmeal 1 tablespoon
  • Milk 1 tablespoon
  • Mix both the ingredients
  • Soak for a while
  • Apply the mixture on your skin and let it stay for 15 minutes 
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water

Aleo Vera and Almond Oil 

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Aleo vera & almond oil is a super fix home remedy for every deadly winter dry skin diaries. Whether you apply whole night or for 20 minutes, this remedy is going to do wonder to your dry, itchy skin. This remedy works from the roots and provides adequate moisture and hydration to your skin pores effectively. 


  • Almond oil 8 drops
  • Aleo vera gel 1 teaspoon
  • Mix both the ingredients and apply on your skin
  • Rub the mixture on your skin in circular motion for about 15 minutes and then leave it for whole night

So, these are some essential winter home remedies you must be following during winter in order maintain the moisture of your skin.

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