Hotness Alert! Sway The Formal Sporty Look Like Never Before

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Dec 16, 2016

Hello handsome! How you doin’? (Okay, I thought the Joey effect will work vice versa!) Anyhow, we women may seem to be self-centered when it comes to fashion. There’s a huge space occupied by women fashion, their blogs, trends and what not. However, I admit that there is an immense space for men fashion too! 

Yes, today I am gonna be gawping men fashion and trends and I feel no shy to say it out loud that the men fashion also have the same go-to as female fashion do! One may say that there is a usual pattern, a little change here and a little change there will make another trend, but no that’s not all! Especially now, it’ll be a sheer offence to say men don’t have much options. 

They in fact have a very great advantage over this myth. They can carry a single look at many places and still rock it and pull on the swag so swiftly! Ah! I wish, this could have been possible with us too! (Yes, we can but duh?!) :P

So, coming back to what we are going to talk about is the stereotypical New Yorker look which will make you look not only dapper but also a hot shot dude as well. Yeah! So, let me describe to you a monochrome look that you guys can easily crush the errands downtown and also run to the airport with! This one is an unapologetically a go-to ensemble. The “all black” look lets you hide those extra pounds as well.

Ain’t this a hot stuff? I mean hot fashion stuff to carry! Let me just give you a trend update, Joggers are the new cool. This black jogger you can pair up with cool t-shirts-be it solid color or the graphic ones. Here, since the motive was to showcase a monochrome the joggers are paired up with a black tee.  

The black V-neck tee paired up with a black bomber jacket will make you look uber hot and sexy. As in the bottom wear the joggers have made a new entry so are the bomber jackets, though it has been time that they have been there and they’ll surely stay! Well, pairing up bomber jacket makes you look very classy, trust me! The girls are going to go ga-ga over you. *wink* *wink*                                                

Okay, then moving on the accessories, the black sneakers look really amazing with the look. Umm, is this me or everyone goes crazy for this monochrome look? Whatever be the case, I just love this entire ensemble. The black sneakers add on the extra feathers to the style statement.

The sunnies are a must for hot shots like you; you know it adds to the swag! You may like the wayfarers or the aviators or shades but sunglasses do add the oomph factor to your look. Another accessory that adds to the men fashion is watch. A classy chain watch or a black leather strap watch will make you look complete one!

This was the description about the “formal sporty” look that looks super stylish. With this it was a wrap from my side and will meet you again some other time in the same space, until next time see ya!