Men's Only Jewelry Which Speaks For Them and Make Them Debonair

Post by Priyanka Gupta | Apr 28, 2017

mens watch

“Time and tide wait for none” You must have heard this quote hundred times and to be with time people wear watches. Do you think wearing watches is still worthy? Do you think watches are still your style symbol? Do you think your watch is stylish enough to gain others attention? Do you think watches still give you classy look?

“What is the time?” this is the question people ask you thousand times a day and every time you give different answer. For everyone watch is a timepiece that keeps you updated with time. Everything evolves with time then why not watches which make you run with time. Yore, watches used to work with the sun and after the invention of batteries we get transformed version of watches and now in the 21st centuries we have smart watches can even count your heart beats in extensive range.

Many people think watches have lost its significance but it’s not true watches hold still the same importance in a person’s life as it holds during 70s and 80s. It may be sound rude when every time you take your smartphones from your pocket instead of looking at your wrist. You always can’t do the same especially when you are doing something important. So, watches play dual functions; it a style statement as well as gives timeliness to your daily routine and can rescue you.

Let’s check out the new trendy range of men’s watches which will make you buy I for you now:

Girard-Perregaux Competizione

The one of the most popular brand in the field from centuries is here with its summer collection of watches which will give you a modish look. It you love wearing heavy watches of large dials then this new Girard Perregaux is all set to be in your wrist. The watch holds 42mm diameter case with a lightweight textured strap to give it overall a ultra-modern look. So boys be ready to slay in these designer watches this summer.

Girard Perregaux

Hugo Boss Orange Watch

If you are in mood to give competition to the season then Hugo Boss Orange watch is best to add in your list. These are known as action watch which holds green nato strap with orange dial to give a new style statement this summer. So boys you don’t have to wear those hefty watches just for the style purpose. It’s time to go comfy with Hugo Boss.


Daniel Wellington Warwick

If you are a working person and don’t want to carry a designer watch with your formals then go stress free and buy Daniel Wellington Warwick watches which is having school tie strap instead of canvas strap along with clean and simple dial to give you a classy appearance with your formal attire. So, it’s time to convert your boring dress code into a smarter one.


Breitling Avenger Automatic


If you want to gift a watch to a pilot or navy officers as they are up-to-date so, you don’t need to be so confused among all the brands and quality then for sure go for these Breitling Avenger watches as they come with a pilot bezel.  So, guys forget to miss your flights with these watches. 


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