Philippines: Discover The Undiscovered Travel Destination

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Dec 15, 2016

If given a chance, where would you like to fly away to? Thailand-Malaysia-London-Singapore, are any of these your answer? Okay then, how about Philippines? Yeah, I know travellers are still reluctant to travel to Philippines, thinking there’s nothing much in store. However, there is where one walks the wrong path!

Trust me if I am ever given an opportunity to travel a place, it would definitely be Philippines and sooner by then of this blog I bet you too would have the same answer on your lips. Philippines has not much been talked about be it its culture and traditions, the exotic beaches, beautiful islands and other attractions plus the country is a cheap travel.

You know what once you start your travel for Philippines, you’ll begin to notice that words can hardly express the beauty of Philippines. The locals of the country are extremely friendly and curious but respectful too. The surroundings of the country is fascinating and the incredible Archipelago of El Nindo. 

Yes, I guess enough of my blabbering and now I should let you show you five reasons why exactly you should travel to Philippines!

Here we go!

Paradise Beaches and Exotic Islands You wanna see how heaven looks like? Well, then this is the first and foremost reason of you visiting the beautiful country where the exotic locations will leave you spellbound. The queen of all the beaches is probably White Beach in Boracay, constantly rated as one of the top beaches of the world. No kidding, but genuinely Philippines have one of the most famous beaches of the world.

Shopping Spree Philippines have one of the best malls of the world. Not only best but I must not forget to mention that it has the biggest malls of the world. Earlier, I thought that the Filipinos must be crazy about shopping but then also discovered that visiting a mall is one kind of family gathering too!

Weather The weather and climate of Philippines is gorgeous, I must say! The average temperature is 26degree, and the best time to travel to Philippines is from November to May! Though, June onwards it starts to rain but then there’s no harm in enjoying the romantic weather in the exotic beaches!

Food C’mon foodies! There’s something for you too. I know there are travellers who love to travel to different destinations just to relish their taste buds with authentic dishes. And if you are one of’em then you cannot give Philippines a miss. I know that the food of Philippines ain’t that famous but trust me the food is mouthwatering!

Cheap Alcohol You know what Philippines is a country where juice is expensive that alcohol. So, what should I say, do you want to go high? Travel to Philippines and you get the cheap and best alcohol. The Red Horse Beer is a must try and stronger than normal beer, but nobody actually knows how much stronger, since it's not written on the bottle. The bottle in a supermarket costs half a dollar!

Tempted to plan your next trip to Philippines? See, told ya! Well these were 5 reasons why one should not miss to travel Philippines and is definitely should not be given a miss.