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Post by Tuba Qureshi | Nov 15, 2017

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Technology has made our life easier and simpler, be it household work or office work, latest inventions had actually made our work quick and simple. In this technological era, you will find that there are many high-tech electronics are being introduced every now and then, in order to make our life smooth and hassle-free. 

There are many branded high-tech electronics available in the market, nowadays, almost every leading brand is coming up with the most creative and innovative ideas. 

Goods, a leading e-commerce shopping portal known for offering the widest range of high-tech, latest technology electronics, home appliances, kitchen appliances and so on at best rates. Here you will find all kinds of electronics, from big electricals to small electrical to smart electronic gadgets, you will get everything over here and that are unmatched prices. 

WiFi Kettle

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Now start your day with a refreshing tea prepared without stepping out of your comfort zone. Simply order your kettle to prepare your tea using a smartphone. WiFi Kettle is the latest invention of technology that allows you to control the hot boiling pot of tea from your phone. 

Special features-

  • Boil your iKettle from anywhere in your home using remote
  • Know the exact amount of water left in the kettle on your app with the help of the water level sensor.
  • Make your night feeds simple and easier by remotely boiling and also get notified once the water in the kettle reaches your desired temperature. 
  • Select any temperature from 20 to 100 C
  • Schedule wake up as well as home mode as per your wish

Mug Warmers

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Love drinking freshly served brews in office? But your busy schedule sometimes tends to spoil your mood as your coffee cool off too soon. Then mug warmer is an ideal electronic that will surely not let your cooled off brew hamper your mood. A mug warmer is an extremely functional and very useful electronic assuring you that your coffee remains as warm as you always want it to be for a long time. 

Special features-

  • Ideal for those who are always into their computers
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and portable

Handy Vacuum Cleaner

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Yet another smart electronic you must be incorporating into your homes is a hand-held vacuum cleaner. A comparatively small home appliance meant for helping you in your daily household cleaning chores. Hand-held Vacuum cleaners are ideal for those areas where big-big vacuum cleaners are unable to reach. 

Special features-

  • Battery powered 
  • Lightweight
  • Occupies very less space
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Compact

So, by now you must have made up your mind that which compact electronic is needed the most in your home and you must have taken your decision.

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