Stride High With These Trendy Men's Footwear

Post by Sujata Sanyal | Jul 19, 2017

It is said that a man is known by his shoes and one can well imagine the stature and macho look the menfolk can bring about through their footwear. Men's shoes have seen it all from rugged boots to corporate casuals and the must-have sneakers.

To have a wide assortment of your foot-glory so that you can place your best foot forward, the Philipines online outlet, Zalora brings to your doorstep these fashionable accessories, besides a host of leading brands and fashion clothing. Here are some of the shoes that deserve a mention:

The High-End Sneakers

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These are the most convenient shoes to sneak into and have a distinct hemming that gives them a royal look. They are lightweight and well streamlined and padded that give a timeless style. Generally, they are made of calfskin leather and some of them have side zips that make it a comfortable wear.


The loafers make your ideal summer shoes and are available in rich tone brown color and have strong soles that make them look majestic. These are extremely comfortable slip-on-show and highly versatile. They can be utilized as lounge shoes and are great for casual or everyday use.


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These are your best workhorse shoe. They complement with all clothing from jeans to your business suits and in fact, is suited to all occasions, even formal and prominent business meetings. The leather brogue shoes instantly improve your outfit and you have both the black and brown options to select from and they have various mix materials with ornated punched detailing.

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Black Cap Toe Oxfords

You know that the black oxfords will never fail you in your grooming and dressier moments. The lace up variety has a punched toe cap in black calf and have a good calf lining and these can accentuate any business suits and are normally black or brown but are also available in plain or patterned designs.

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Keep these awesome pairs as they are unrivaled and make your shoe arsenal look devastating. 

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