The Best Travel Destinations for Different Travellers in the Philippines

Post by Anupam Pandey | Dec 31, 2018

There are very rare places that could be compared with the exquisite beauty of the Archipelago found in South East Asia. They are not only great for tourism due to their sheer visual appeal but also due to the fact that they offer a diverse range of experiences that would fulfil any traveller’s wish that he or she might have had in mind while planning a trip. The Philippines is one such diverse and an extremely magnificent archipelago of that region. This archipelago consists of more than 7000 islands which in itself is enough to signify the variations that the place could have potentially assimilated within its territory.

When travellers plan a trip, it is not necessarily for all to have the same mindset because preference and interest of every one of us are unique in an own special way. Therefore it is always wiser to make one’s travel plan in a way that suits one’s own anticipation from a trip. Without keeping your inclinations in mind, you just can’t plan a trip that could make you feel satisfied. So here is where I thought to make it easier for the travel enthusiasts who want to travel to a place of their own choice. Interestingly, I observed in this process that the Philippines as a country has one of the most diverse attributes which can serve the interest of travellers with different travel orientations and satisfy them by fulfilling their anticipated travel motives. No matter what you want from your next travel destination, it is least likely that the Philippines would fall short for your desires. It gets even better for budget-conscious travellers as it is one of the cheapest countries for tourists compared to its neighbours. You can avail the Zenrooms Promo Code to book some of the most premium luxury suites at unbelievably low prices.

So let us take a look at the different kinds of people and where they should go to the Philippines depending upon their likes and preferences.

For the Craving of Adrenaline Rush: Cebu Islands

There are a lot of travellers who usually travel to satisfy their craving for doing adrenaline pumping adventures and spine-chilling activities. Such adventurous travellers would find themselves at an ideal destination if they visit the Cebu Islands in the Philippines which offers loads and loads of crazy things that they would have wished for on their adventurous trip. The province of Cebu has a versatile number of fun-filled and exciting options available for the adventure savvy travellers. The region has a very curvy and quick flowing river where one would find him being tested by the sheer power thrust generated by the rapid-paced flow of water.

The ride through the river ultimately leads you to the Kasawan waterfalls which give a captivating view of the gorgeous waterfall. For the real adrenaline rush, you could even try nose diving from the topmost spot which is nearly 30 feet from the ground. One could even try a skydiving experience from a height of 10,000 foot from an aircraft in the Bantayan Island inside the Cebu province. You can also take a ride on the Edge Roller Coaster which offers one of its own kind rides going around the buildings with a tilt of more than 50 degrees to give your adrenaline a kick like no other ride can. It could be one of the most thrilling rides of your life.

For the Tranquility of White Sand Beaches: Palawan

There is no doubt that the pristine white beaches found in the South East Asian region are one of the best in the world. So it would not be any surprise to see the beach-loving nomads visit the Philippines for the sake of its exotic white beaches and spend their whole days resting on the warm sand under the sun while enjoying the hymns of ocean waves in peace and tranquillity away from the rush of the tiresome life we all are forced to live. If you are one of those lazy guys, the Palawan Islands is the place where you should head to on reaching the Philippines. To be honest, this is the place which possesses some of the best islands of the planet and the fact that they are not as much crowded as the beaches you would mostly find in Malaysia or Thailand for instance, makes it an even more favourable isle for any beach lover.

If you would ask about the best beaches of this region, The El Nido Island and the Coron Island are the two of the most popular ones to name. But being well-known beach destinations also means that they are usually flocked by the tourists and one might not find the desired peace of mind and tranquillity to restore and rejuvenate your mind. Therefore it would be much better advised to seek solace in any secluded beach which you can easily find in the region. One of such locations in the southern side is the islands of Balabac which are untouched tropical paradise to put in simple words. You not only get to enjoy the heavenly white beaches but also relish the amazing picturesque location in the interiors of these island terrains. It is one of the most ideal reprieves that you can plan with your friends.

For the Appetite of Culinary Treats: Pampanga

Many travellers who visit a place have one key aspect in their mind and it is to experience the local taste and flavours. The foodies don’t just trap themselves in the visual or cultural beauty of the place but go beyond to seek the true cooking tradition and the culinary specialities of the place. This is not something one could usually include in the trip randomly.

A plan is a way better approach to experience the culinary delicacies of any region by ensuring the best of what you could get so that you could actually feel the true richness of taste from the well-cooked dishes by the experts. If you are a foodie and have an appetite for new indigenous cuisines, Pampanga is the most appropriate place for the part. You can try out several renowned Filipino Cuisines such as Sisig and Tocino. The region is widely popular in the country for its profound creative cooking styles and innovative dishes. The region is a food safari that would leave a sweet taste in your memories for a long time.  

For the Craze of Backpacking and Camping: Cordillera

If the adventure is something that you associate to as a part of living rather than limiting it to doing some profane activities, then you are truly in for an amazing journey in the Cordillera region. This is a place that is known for its beautiful landscapes and picturesque locales that will melt your heart with its marvellous sights. This region is constituted by six different provinces and is also the home to one of the most aboriginal indigenous tribes that have not been through the change as the other regions of the country in the era of colonization. The Igorot Tribe is known for its bravery with which it resisted the foreigners to grab the power of their land and was successful in doing so thanks to its unshakable spirit complemented by the difficult and confusing terrains. This region is full of jaw-dropping sceneries which can be viewed throughout these entire hilly terrains.

The high altitude points are especially worth noting as they offer a very surreal experience of standing above the sea of clouds. You can easily find several local fruits and vegetables for eating in the forests while there are also those parts which are being used for rice cultivation and farming by the local villagers. It is an even more intriguing site to see the farmers practice farming on these difficult terrains and certainly give us a lesson or two about taking on challenges and rise beyond them. One of the popular styles of inking practised by people of this region is also a major draw for tattoo lovers who would visit the place to get themselves inked in the traditional way practised by these Tribesmen for several generations.

For the buffs of History: Intramuros and Corregidor

Every place has its own interesting past which many people are interested to learn about during their travel trips. This is not only a way of understanding the history but also a very mature way of understanding the civilizational growth of human race in the different parts of the world, their cultural and traditional values and the societies formed by the human population of a place. If you are also bitten by the bug of History and interested in knowing about the Filipino history and their civilization roots, you should visit Intramuros and Corregidor to get the insight to the past times. Intramuros was a walled city that used to exist in the past and was located within the Capital territory of the Philippines. It shows the colonial past when the Spanish occupation had its impact on the region which is evident by the architectural practices and creations of those times such as the Cobblestone Streets which are one of the most popular Euro-Spanish architectures used on the city streets and pathways.

The Corregidor, on the other hand, was a fortified island territory that was designed in such a way that could protect the people in the times of enemy attacks. The harbour defence system of the Corregidor region is especially worth mentioning as it connected with the three nearby neighbouring islands as a strategic defence and attack system. It used to be the administrative capital in the past times and the ruins of it present a very insightful view of the societies, lifestyles and the architectures of the past. For a wholesome travel historic trip to these sites, you can book a customized trip using the Klook Voucher Code and experience an in-depth visit to these historic landmarks of the Philippines.

For the Magic of Nature: Rizal

There is no better place than nature as we all are just a creation of it. The Philippines is one f the best places for anyone who is looking for ecotourism experience that gives a very genuine and true feel of the nature in its most original and unaltered state. You can head to the province of Rizal in the Philippines to witness the best of the natural environment. Rizal is a province that is not much far away from the capital city of Manila and one could easily reach the place in a matter of few hours by road. As you reach the province, you would easily figure out why this place is suggested in spite of many other beautiful natural landscapes on this Archipelago.

The place is an ideal one for anyone to get a close feel of nature as it offers very impeccable hiking trails that take you through the lushest green landscapes you would have ever seen. One could find the Tinipak River while hiking and witness the magical clarity of its water which tells a lot about this unaltered and unaffected natural surroundings. Then, you have a plethora of other options to try including the mountain hiking, cycling, and visit the Daranak falls deep inside the rainforests and last but not the least, Masungi Geo-reserve which is apparently known as one of the most well preserved and truly natural geo reserve with an extensive variety of indigenous species of plants and animals.