This season you must flaunt your decor with these furnitures

Post by Sujata Sanyal | Jul 04, 2017

Spruce up your living space with the right furniture, that will help to accentuate the proper corners of your house.The arrangement should always be such that there is a welcoming space for the guests who enter. You also have to choose a focal point that can be a fireplace or window extensions to place them. The area where you place your television can also well be your focal point to position your furniture.

Choose sectional sofas for the main seating:

Place your sectional sofa far removed from the wall, for the free circulation of light and air. You can position a slim looking console table or a radiant lamp behind so that you can view the people occupying the both sides of the L-shaped sectional sofa.

The Conversational Arrangement

This is a very common furniture arrangement where you have a face-to-face position. Generally, two sofas or a combination of one sofa and a pair of chairs is employed that are directly opposite to each other and the focal point moving to one side. Making such sitting arrangements in the living room allows conversation as everyone is far away from getting a direct glimpse of the focal point. It’s a smart arrangement, more so when you are hearing music or reading or operating your laptop in your living room which is no less important than viewing television. You also achieve a classic symmetry in your living room laying of furniture.

Select small sized furniture:

The living room does not necessary mean large-sized sofas and hefty armchairs. Try to scan antique outlets for such furniture of small scale. If your living room is of average size, then opt for small settees and well-crafted chairs that can accommodate your space and also love seats.

The chic looking backless sofa

Couches in the center of a tiny room tend to occupy up space, more so if you do not have a small sofa. A backless sofa would be a modish idea and it can be utilized from both ends and works at a premium for you when seating choices are very limited.  If someday, you desire to make your backless sofa functional for larger rooms also, these can also perfectly fit as a divider to demarcate two seating spaces. During parties, these backless sofas also help to make two people remain perched on it.

Lay out multifunctional furniture

What we believe is that in a small-sized living room every furniture item should earn its space. A great idea would be to use ottomans that function like a coffee table or additional seating objects or as versatile stools. 

These ideas would surely help you to reorient your furniture and give your living room a new, revamped look.

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