Various Face Masks For Your Skin Type!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Jan 17, 2018

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Summer weather takes a massive toll on your complexion even when you’re diligent about applying sunscreen and limit your sun exposure to a minimum. Makeup melting humidity, chlorine from the pool and all that time outdoors can lead to blemishes and sunburn, but you don’t need to book a pricey facial at a spa to remedy the situation.

The most popular facial masks on the market can help leave your skin glowing, radiant and ready for the fall. The key is to find a mask that’s right for you. According to aestheticians, many people fail to see positive results because they’re using the wrong product for their skin type.

Althea is the one-stop destination that will make your complete beauty regimen a perfect one and you can grab huge variety of products for any of the skin type.