Ways To Drape Summer Scarf Like A Gentleman!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Mar 03, 2017

A scarf is a gentleman’s best defense against the elements, and they are much more than just frostbite protection. It's a men's accessory that might save them from the days when they cannot decide a complete outfit. And, when talking about the warm weather, it is a bit easy to go through wardrobe fatigue and deciding a T-shirt seems like a task to every guy. But if we say that, entering in a world of scarves will save you. Yeah! Typically scarves are worn during colder months, but lightweight scarves in a summer will add a dash in your look.

There are men who think that their style needs more and the ones who think they like it this way but want to add something more to their wardrobe that turns them into debonair. Don't you feel like experimenting with the trend, after all style is a way to say who you are without having to speak? A simple scarf can turn your outfit from boring to dapper, can make the simplest jeans and T-shirt combo look effortlessly cool and will make you stand out midst the crowd of thousands of folks.

Many guys feel shy to carry a scarf because they think it’s a feminine accessory. And if you’re from the queue of those guys then you couldn’t be more wrong because it’s a unisex add-on. However, if you think that you cannot carry it off successfully or do not possess skills to style it.

We have picked some easy-to-do scarf wraps for gentleman-

The Classic DrapeNo tying no knotting. You just have to drape the scarf around your neck. Wear it over a t-shirt, a classy suit or with a sports jacket too. 

The Simple Once-Around DrapeA very simple style and perfect for draping medium length scarf. You just have to drape the scarf around your neck once and keep both the ends even at front.

Twice-Around StyleThis one goes best with the coat or a jacket and scarf need to be a bit longer. Drape the scarf twice around the neck, both ends will be shorter and leave them dangling in front.

The Scarf TieThis style is for a formal look. Substitute the tie for a scarf. Simply fold the scarf across the chest creating the illusion of a shawl collar. Wear it tucked under a cardigan or top of the crisp shirt.

The Parisian KnotIt also requires a long scarf and is best for cold weathers. Use the scarf on silk or linen for the best effect. They are lighter and will not make the knot look bulky.

Be sure to pick a scarf in light and soft fabrics. Add a more dapper and trendier spin to your look with scarves. Try something new and keep things interesting!