Why Not Keep It Floral This Season!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Mar 31, 2017

Women have always been attracted towards prints and cool patterns when it comes to fashion trends. It has already been ample of time when floral has been a fashion sensation among lassies! Floral prints have always been marked as girly girl stuff. Well, undoubtedly it is one! 

When you are adorning a floral dress or your ensemble contains a floral outfit- say a top wear, the chirpy girl in you overtakes you from nowhere. Isn’t it? We, at CollectOffers have always been there when you need a trend update or how-to information. So, this time we are here to let you know how about carrying a floral ensemble to get the perfect look and flaunt your style statement like a diva.

Bomber jackets are yet another fashion trend that has already made a hullaballoo about itself. You see women carrying it with a class apart elegance. And it actually adds to the smart look to your ensemble. So, when you are carrying a floral bomber jacket try to keep it simple. 

There is for sure no need to add a lot of prints in your top wear, or bottom wear as well. As it is that the floral print brings itself as a loud print when it comes to team an outfit.

Wear a plain camisole or a top in that case. Yes, definitely a big “No” to printed tops. The color of the top should be decided in accordance with your jacket, of course! A solid top adds on the subtle yet a chic look overall.

Coming to the bottom wear, nowadays denim joggers are making a lot of buzzes. So, you can get yourself in a jogger and carry a funky look. Joggers are mostly available in faded colors, which get you the look of prints of double tone. But actually, it is not. The other option is that you can carry straight fit denim and roll it from down, to give a stylish look.

Moving on to the footwear, grab on black footwear- heels are always appreciated. You see floral prints already imbibe you the girly stuff then there is no issue of carrying heels. For another option, you can also put on white sneakers also.

Accessorizing can be avoided here. Too much of accessories will spoil you ensemble in total. The max you could do is carrying a neckpiece.

So, this was all on styling your floral ensemble with panache!