Black Friday Sale

Celebration is incomplete without shopping but that doesn’t mean you have to get bankrupt to enjoy the festive season as immense savings are just a click away with Black Friday Sale in Philippines. This time of the year is the perfect hour to shop and discover deals on the items which are long-noted in your list by exploring your favorite online store. Shop smartly from our website and relish super savings on your purchase.

What is the Black Friday Sale?

We are here to quench your thirst for knowledge about everything from the meaning of Black Friday, its origin to the saving tips & tricks. Black Friday Sale is one of the biggest shopping days coming right after American Thanksgiving Day in which stores and online retailers display irresistible discounts on various items.

Earlier it was a single-day event organized by physical stores like Walmart and Target but after gaining popularity different merchants started taking interest in both inline and online platforms. Now the whole period before and after Thanksgiving Day is considered Black Friday.

When does the sale take place?

Falling after Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday Sale usually happens on the last Friday of every November which is why the month is also recognized as the Shopping month with various sale events and holidays lined up like 11.11 Sale, Cyber Monday, and 12.12 Sale etc.

Being dated after the 11.11 Sale, this sale becomes a golden opportunity for the people who couldn’t crack the deal on 11th November. Turning the pages of the calendar is not going to disappoint as you can have countless savings during the end of November.

What will be the difference in the sale when compared to the last years?

There is a reason why people around the world wait eagerly for the Black Friday Sale irrespective of the fact that it arrives every year. Unlock the happiness this year by grabbing the fascinating offers available on the latest items.

Retailers in the Philippines are in the cut-throat competition which is why you get amusing discounts on quality items and top-notch brands. Get a seamless shopping experience on that day by receiving desired deals.

Who all are going to be a part of the Black Friday Sale?

From local to international brands, there are various retailers to take this opportunity to offer great deals and make huge profits. For Filipinos, merchants like Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora are the options to look and explore the deals.

You can also find luxury brands and categories like laptop deals, iPad, Nintendo switch sales etc. on global websites and ship your country if the websites of the Philippines does not have a sale option.

What to buy from the Black Friday Sale?

With so much to explore, it gets hard to decide what to fill in the basket and what to leave behind but you don’t have to worry as our website can become your shopping guidance by allowing you to see the deals offered by different retailers. Also if you want to take full advantage of the sales with no regrets then look for the new arrivals especially in the electronics section. Old technology with flooded discounts is not something you should go for as it does not satisfy you for long. Fashion and homeware sections are good options for Filipinos who are looking for settled options.

When is Black Friday?

What’s the perfect time to shop so that maximum negotiation is served on the plate is something every Filipino shopper looks for. Mark the date of Black Friday in your calendar which is 26th November this year. The sale will start from 12 am on 26th November and will remain from 11.59 pm giving you the window of 24 hours to gain as much as you can.

Brands like Apple, Ralph Lauren, TVS etc. will give you exciting offers so book the date and spend your time in front of your laptop/phone screen to shop like there is no tomorrow.

Where you can find the active Black Friday Sales deals?

Jumping on different online stores in search of the best deals could be exhausting which is why our website eases your shopping by providing you with the link of various merchants actively participating in the Black Friday Sale Event in your country so that you can find your favourite store and compare the offers to select the most suitable one.

Find incredible bargains from renowned websites in a few clicks. You can maintain loyalty with your favourite Philippines brand or global brand without losing much money by tailoring down your search with the filter option that will directly display the offers on the preferred items/brand.

What is the history of the Black Friday Sale?

The cheerful shopping day holds a history that ironically consists of past incidents related to the financial crisis and broken law stories. The term Black Friday came into existence after the financial crash in 1869 in the US happened. Two of the Wall Street financiers bought as much gold as they could to make unimaginable profits by selling it down which led to bankruptcy in the US Gold market.

Later in 1950, this term gained popularity when the police staff of Philadelphia used it to explain the rush and chaotic situation after the day of Thanksgiving as the crowd turned up in the city to watch the Army-Navy football game held on Saturday. That made them work extra hours to handle the situation.

The retailers tried to change it to Big Friday but never went successful and brought a positive outlook by looking at the profits made after Thanksgiving Day.

Is the Sale for real?

It is hard to believe the discounts loaded on the online stores wherever you go but then Black Friday Sale in the Philippines is as real as your existence! Post-Thanksgiving Day celebrations continue on a global level which proves that the sale is not a scam so leave your worries behind and start filling your cart with unbelievable discounts. You can count on our website to get the alluring offers from different websites which are highly trusted by the customers.

Pro-Saving Hacks On Black Friday Sale!

After gathering information on what, who, how and when of Black Friday Sale, the only thing you are left to do is grab exclusive offers irrespective of the savings done on the 11.11 sale or future purchases planned on Cyber Monday since the tempting deals on 26th November will next knock your door with a long wait for 365 days so missing the opportunity is not what a smart shopper will intend to do. Give a read to the points listed below to get the most out of this sale.

Early Bird Offers

You don’t need a reminder to get notified about this mega shopping day as the craze of the event is clearly visible on various online stores that launch the offers much before Black Friday arrives. You can check our website to find a number of participating merchants and compare the deals so that on the main day you know which store to visit for earning maximum savings.

Don’t get dependent on a single day to enjoy discounts as the irresistible deals wait for none to get out of stock so if you have found anything worth buying then confirm the purchase immediately.

Plan, Prepare & Prioritize

Entering the online marketplace on Black Friday without pre-planning may ruin your shopping experience by putting you in the dilemma of what to purchase and which offer to ignore so plan your day before the sale starts by preparing the shopping list. Keep essentials at the top of the list and during the sale make sure to search for the same items first on different websites to get the best prices.

Know More with Updates

Whether you term “Shopping” as art or hobby, it is bliss to get hefty discounts on every purchase which is possible if you are well aware of- the updates regarding sales this year, comparison of the deals from the past years, new items listed etc. Don’t miss out on any possibilities of saving pocket by keeping your eyes frozen on the sale news.