Chinese New Year

Get… Set… Go… for the massive savings on your shopping as our website has brought some fascinating offers to make your Chinese New Year holidays worth remembering. ‘Sitting at home with your family and picking the luxurious items from the online stores of Philippines at the prices that are hard to ignore’ sounds a perfect plan for this Spring Festival so stay with us during the whole event and save like never before!

What is Chinese New Year Sale?

Chinese New Year also known as Lunar New Year, is celebrated to mark the end of the coldest days and welcome the Spring season (Chunjie in Chinese) and what’s coming along with it like the plantation, harvesting, etc. In the countries of South-East Asia, this time is seen as the Lunar New Year hence there is merrymaking all over the place which is why the sellers use this opportunity to give hefty discounts to the shoppers.

Both online and offline markets are loaded with people as there are discounts, events, and many exciting offers during this holiday season.

When does the sale start?

Usually, the Chinese New Year date falls between January 12 and February 20 and continues for 15 days. So, make sure to keep your eyes locked on the tempting deals near these dates and instead of waiting for the main event day prepone the shopping to a much earlier date to avoid missing the promotions.

There are some extra-ordinary discounts which are not to be missed as these deals won’t come any time soon once the festive season is over so fill your basket before the event is over.

Legendary Story of Chinese New Year

The traditional festivals are incomplete without the legendary story which is later considered to be a myth but it is you who decides what to believe and what not to believe. One such fascinating tale is about this grand festival too which goes like… many years ago there was one monster named Nian (年) who would roam on the streets on New Year’s Eve. People would hide in their homes but one day one brave boy battled with that monster and defeated him using the weapon: fireworks, the very next day everyone celebrated this by lighting the lanterns and using fireworks. Ever since then it has become the custom of lighting the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

What do people do?

In the Philippines, people celebrate the Chinese New Year by cleaning their homes to make them look spick and span, serving traditional delicacies, keeping money in the red envelope, participating in the dragon dance that is organized in China Towns in the different cities of the country. Filipino-Chinese communities believe this time to bring good luck for the rest of the year.

Make your luck more shine by bringing the Chinese Zodiac animal signs like rat, lion, ox which is considered to be fortunate for one whole year.

Who is participating in this Sale?

From the Philippines to several other countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, etc., there are many online stores participating in this Big Grand Shopping Season to make your holiday one of the best times of the year. Some of the stores are Lazada, Zalora, Althea, Zenrooms, Boozy, Shopee, Watsons,, Metromart, FARFETCH, Ellana, Sephora, Zaful, Gawin, Foreo, iHervb, Shein, YOINS, Slick Case, Photobook, AliExpress, and Dresslily.

Decorate your home, buy Chinese Zodiac animal toys and lanterns, set up your wardrobe, upgrade your lifestyle with the latest gadgets, etc. as shopping at unrivalled prices is possible with the authentic coupon codes and promos from our website.

Saving Tips at Spring Festival Sale!

After learning about the traditions, beliefs and other aspects of one of the grand festivals if you are still here with us then you deserve some bonus points which is why we have brought some easy tips and tricks so that you make the most out of this sale. Give the points mentioned below and do apply them while shopping on any occasion:

Sign Up for Offers

Unlock many secret deals soon after they are released without having to look for the time and again on the website by simply subscribing yourself for the newsletter service of your preferred online stores. Get every update on the latest promotions, new arrivals and events which will keep you ahead of others. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a single penny from your pocket to be a member of the mailing list of the online stores of the Philippines as the service is absolutely free of charge.

Plan Before Buy

It is always better to plan your shopping before going to the market as it gives you more clarity on the priorities which save you from making unnecessary expenditures on the goods that may not come to your use at the moment. List down the items and brands and come to our website to find the desired offers to have immense savings.

Compare the Prices

Chalk down the rates of those products and services which you need before the sale starts and on the occasion of Spring Festival when multiple shopping portals will bring down the prices then compare the rates to see the margin of discounts they are offering. Our website has hunted down offers from some big market players like Lazada, Shopee, Dresslily, AliExpress, Boozy, etc. You can make a comparison from here and select the most suitable discount coupon.

Gift Coupons- A Perfect Treat

Besides giving discounts there may be times when some stores in the Philippines offer gift vouchers exceeding the limit set by them. You can use these coupons to either buy something for yourself or your loved ones. Please make sure to check the terms and conditions of using these vouchers.