Giant Ikea Philippines store will be the world’s largest

Post by Sameena Farooq | Nov 22, 2018

Ikea Philippines is ready to be among the world’s largest store because of its great area of about 65,000sqm space.

Ikea name is popular globally was opened back in December 2014 in Seoul and then it occupied an area of 59,000sqm.

The local franchisor working at Inter Ikea Systems, which functions the homewares and furniture retailer business in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, revealed about this news on Tuesday. 

He said, “The store will break all records of being the largest in the world and will offer more than 9,000 products which will also include the warehouse, e-commerce ability and an integrated call centre”.

The enormous size of the store will reflect the great area and the huge consumer catchment. This means more than 5 million households contained by 60 minutes drive.

The Philippine-specific website will also be launched prior to the store opening and will offer brand awareness and design inspiration.  

Ikea Southeast Asia MD Christian Rojkjaer sais, “The Ikea vision is to improve the standard of living to may people. We have come up with this idea in order to offer the country a passion for our home".