More than 92% E-commerce Traffic in the Philippines is Collected by these 4 Platforms

Post by Anupam Pandey | Dec 20, 2018


A recent industry research report conducted by 'We are Social' a social media agency in the Philippines has found some interesting data about the rise in the e-commerce sector and its attributions. The report has revealed a rise of 23% in the E-commerce sales in 2018 in comparison with the previous year i.e. 2017. It estimated that over 32% people of the population have engaged in online shopping this year.

The even more astonishing fact that the researchers found is that more than 92%  of the traffic collected by the E-commerce platforms are extracted by the top 4 online shopping platforms of the country. It found in its analysis that almost 33.8 million people have bought online products using these four platforms. The research included a total of 50 E-commerce platforms operating in the country out of which 10 are from foreign countries. 


The first on this list is Lazada which grabbed an average of 30 million visits every month in the second quarter of this year which highlights the dominance of the platform in the country. This meant that almost the two-thirds of the entire traffic was going to Lazada alone. The second name on this list was Shoppe which attained 8.3 million monthly visitors in the same period of time. At the third position, Zalora got 1.7 million monthly visits from the users. The fourth place on the list was occupied by eBay which got over 1 million visits each month between the month of April and June. At present, Lazada has an unassailable lead from its competitors and it least likely that it is going to turn around places with any of its competitors in the next two years.



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