Samsonite Makes A Huge Leap In Sustainability by Launching Eco-Friendly Products!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Dec 06, 2018

The Most Innovative And World’s Leading Travel Luggage Company Is All Set To Launched Its New Range Of Eco-Friendly Products Made From Recycled Materials!

Following the legacy of acting responsibly, honestly and integrity, Samsonite is long been committed to incorporating sustainable practices to manufacture innovative products and bring positive impacts to communities. The company cares about the environment and is greatly dedicated to preserving the world’s natural beauty for people to live, work and travel.

Making a huge lead in sustainability, Samsonite has manufactured their eco-friendly luggage collection made of Recyclex which is actually a material comprising 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, also known as PET.


The company claims that Recyclex is as reliable and durable as its polyester fabric made of virgin materials.

Subrata Dutta, president of Samsonite Asia Pacific said sustainability is a priority that runs through Samsonite’s products.

“We recognize that travelers are increasingly aware of environmental protection and looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint … We expect to generate stronger awareness of environmental protection in the market, and will continue to seek opportunities to maximize the use of recycled and recyclable materials in our products and packaging.” The products are manufactured by consuming more than 400,000 recycled plastic bottles.



It is said that in coming two years, Samsonite will be launching at least 30 new product lines worldwide which will be made of recycled materials such as recycled polypropylene and PET.