11.11 Sale 2020

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11.11 Sale 2020

What is 11.11 Sale?

11.11 Sale is one of the biggest online shopping events that take place on 11 November. The sale is also known as Singles' Day, which was founded by Jack Ma, who transformed the de facto holiday from an “Anti-Valentine’s Day”. The sale concept was initiated by Chinese singletons and has taken the shopping festival game flourish in this process. 

During the sale event, many Chinese retailers participate including Alibaba, Tmall and Taobao, JD.com, Lazada. Each retailer offers big offers and discounts on their products helping customers to save and merchants to earn.

When the sale takes place?

The annual event starts at the midnight of 11 November and runs for 24 hours displaying heavy discounts offered by Alibaba owned platforms. This sale is no less than the big sales but is compared along with the mega Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year sales.

You may start seeing the discounted items from 6th November onwards on some merchants as they celebrate the sale prior and after the date to bring more customers and earn more. 

What is the history of 11.11?

The Single Day was a Chinese singleton also known as ‘bare stick holiday’ started in the year 1993 by students of Nanjing University to celebrate the freedom of singlehood. Later, the day 11 November was conceptualized as a global shopping festival back in 2009 – and made billions of dollars in the process. The 11.11 Sale meaning is to signify the 4 solitary bare sticks and also because “1" resembles a single individual.

What to do at the 11.11 Singles Day?

The best way to celebrate 11.11 Single’s Day is to shop for your favourite items online during the 11.11 event. You could do the following things on sale:

  • Order items in advance to save 15% or more.
  • Use cashback to save additional 2,41% to 4,91%.
  • Use coupon codes and promos to reduce prices.
  • Look for hot deals, flash deals, and prizes.
  • Stay away from fake and unrealistic offers.
  • Choose products at the lowest prices. 

 Who is participating in the sale?

The 11.11 Sale 2020 is going to be a global sale with a worldwide celebration. Alibaba declares that more than 15 million products are available from over 140,000 brands, among which 60,000 international brands are offering a huge discount, higher than last years. 

Besides the e-commerce giant Alibaba, many other platforms are participating including Lazada, JD.com, Zalor, Sephora, Ezbuy in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Egypt, UAE, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and few more.

What to expect from the sale?

The Sale brings you unlimited 11.11 Shopping Deals, discounts, and coupon codes that will easily allow you to shop everything you have been eyeing on for months.

You just have to visit your favourite online store to buy electronics, fashion apparels, beauty products or much more. Everything will be available at slashed rates. You could expect:

  • 50% discount on your purchase.
  • Pay for the remaining amount of the preordered products
  • Win coupons and use it for future use.


Where will we see the 11.11 sale event deals?

Shopping during the sale is a great way to save money as it brings you the opportunity to find all your favorite costly products at lesser rates. But, sometime, to find the right deal can be a confusing task as to judge between flash deals and discounted deals. So, how to find the most reasonable and money-saving deal?

At CollectOffers, you will find all the best 11.11 discounts clustered together. We have brought you top discounted deals from top brands and retailers offering you best deals and coupons. This will be one best platform to instantly choose the best deal instantly and save with CollectOffers

How will the 11.11 Sale events be different?

In the past year’s record, the sale event has scored huge revenue and it will continue even this year too with so many brands participating in the sale event. The substantial growth and sales graph of the festival sale will rise more than expected revenue.

Let’s look at some best stats look stats from previous years to know how good Singles Day is!

  • In 2017, the total sales revenue accounted for $18 Billion.
  • In 2018, there was a huge growth in accounting by 39% which further lead to $25 billion in its sales income.
  • In 2018, the total GMV was recorded at $31 Billion.

Therefore, this year also 11.11 sales are estimated to bring great results as it has grown and has expanded to the Southeast Asia regions. The Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia Thailand are the top regions where e-commerce trend is growing and is heading towards success.

Is the Sale real?

Singles' Day has become one of the hot favourites day all over the world. Besides the day celebrated as Single day, there are many genuine sales that everyone must know. During the sale, you can get the best deals instantly but the delivery of items may be slow. So, expect a little delay in your product, customs may pack your product with high import duty, so there are chances of uncertainties. 

Buy it you want to get the best cheap accessories or unique gadgets from China then Single Day sale is the best option. If you the below safety measures we listed then you may not face any trouble.

How to get ready for the Sale?

Now that you already know about 11.11 offers and when is the sale, you must now learn reasons to shop at 11.11. Here are some tips on how to prepare for sale and secure best deals for the 11.11 Single’s Day sale

Early bird offer

Likewise other sales, this sale event will also start attracting customers and buyers in advance so that at the last moment they are not stuck up. By browsing the online retail website and adding the products in your cart in advance, you can easily find the best deal. As you are not in hurry, so you can easily compare prices, review products, find best specifications, get seller feedback, and can get fully assure what you are buying and how much you are paying. For instance, if you are buying the latest PlayStation console and gaming chair then it is best for optimal gaming performance. 

Keep eye on big discount deals

The 11.11 event is the best sale that happens once a year. So, it is the best opportunity for shoppers to find the best deals at slashed rates and avoid spending money on costly items that are offering fewer discounts. You must avoid spending your money on big-ticket items before 11.11 as during this time the prices are guaranteed to be expensive. Instead, wait for the sale to start and get those same items on a huge discount.

Acquire Only the Best Deals

This is the best thing that every shopper must do. If you don’t mind that you are missing out some big thing then online shopping will give you better chances to get the deals. As you get the opportunity to compare prices all over the internet, thereby, you can get the best deals out of them. Start from comparing prices, product specifications, and get more bangs for your money. 

Additionally, 11.11 promotions will be plenty that allows you to get credit card deals and coupon codes on retailers like Zalora, Sephora and ezbuy.

 Keep Your Eyes Freeze

To save the best deal and to make the most of your sale, you need to check on the regular offers and ongoing promotional offers. Be sure to maximize your savings by regularly checking the sites so that you could buy the best deal. So, keep your eyes freeze at CollectOffers where you will get instant deals and promotional offers for 11.11 Sale 2020!