A Taste That Will Retreat Your Palate!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Aug 08, 2017

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Who doesn't want to taste good food? You all definitely many at times crave for good foods, but you let your hunger calm down just by making yourself indulged in some different variety which may be you don't even like. So, no more avoiding your taste just visit awesome restaurants and give your palate a taste of trends that are currently these days in Singapore. When it's about food then just let your taste buds grow more and more and let it stand the succulence of food. People traveling around the globe has the great essence of delicious food. So here is Singapore that has crossed the boundaries and made the tourists enhance their taste buds with that delicacy touch. Singapore is very famous for its cuisines served to the visitors. But many at times it happens like we go confused in what to eat and what not. so to break the same bafflement here is Groupon that will clear your vision for scrumptious food hubs at Singapore.

Quandoo, an International online reservation platform, is now offering online channels to find and reserve restaurants in real-time now in Singapore also.The online food ordering platform not only offers quick and efficient services but also offers a loyalty program where you can earn points on making reservations and later get them redeemed. The modern diner goes online to look for restaurants. Quandoo provides your restaurant with a digital gateway. For Singaporeans.

Let's take the look at the trending foods of Singapore:

Rain Drop Cake:

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The Raindrop Cake is given the pretty cute and simple presentation. It’s basically jelly to be eaten with the various syrup accompaniments. Taste wise you will never be disappointed and you will also go enamored with the taste and you will also want it more and more.

Korean Bingsu:

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Fine ice shavings are topped with an array of ingredients like condensed milk, nuts and ice cream to produce what I’m sure is going to stay on dessert menus for some time still. Customize your very own at some of the many stores now selling this island-wide!

Galaxy Cakes and Donuts:

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Baking in itself is a skill many have yet to master and then someone comes along and changes the game completely with Galaxy Cakes and Donuts. The mirror-glazed beauties are definitely something you’d want to serve to impress guests and look almost too good to eat.


buona-terra-uni-pasta-800x533 24 Top Singapore Food Trends Of 2016 That Seriously Upped Our Instagram Game

Rich, sweet and brine-like in taste, most people either love or hate uni and not being a fan could be a blessing in disguise – this delicacy doesn’t come cheap. Usually eaten raw as sashimi or as a sushi, uni soon started appearing in loads of other Western dishes like pasta.

So, now you can get that lip smacking taste that too with amazing offers in your hands just by applying Quandoo Voucher Codes!