Get That Lip Smacking Taste Of Singapore!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Jul 24, 2017

Food in Singapore never requires to be searched for and that is the reason why Singapore is growing and flourishing itself in such an amalgamative ambience of cuisines. You will never face the paucity of food and drinks whatever type or category you want Singapore is capable of delivering it to you. Singapore offers you to take as many bites you want to have for your favorite delicacy. Why always Singapore tops the list of cuisines? Why do people know if they are traveling to Singapore they will definitely not be at the paucity of food? So many questions but only one answer Stay Once And Get Nostalgic For The Rest Of Your Life. People if you travel here to Singapore the yummy delights grabs you into the arms so tight that you actually get addicted to the food and also you get the yumminess inside your tummy. The amalgamation of the cuisines also can be said the fusion of a variety of cuisines done here at Singapore is just like the mixture of various communities residing in the society. Hold on just by bragging about it will certainly not be justified visualize it on your own.

Quandoo is an International online reservation platform, that offers online channels to find and reserve restaurants in real-time now in Singapore also. It has expanded its wings in European as well as Asian Pacific countries with a taste unique to each country with an intention to provide the socialites the option of savoring the delightful local and global dishes. The modern diner goes online to look for restaurants. Quandoo provides your restaurant with a digital gateway.The online food ordering platform not only offers quick and efficient services but also offers a loyalty program where you can earn points on making reservations and later get them redeemed.

Let's check out the flourishing trends of foods in Singapore:

Sea Foods:

All sorts seafood are now served in each and every restaurant. For a while, seas foods took the back seat but now as the demand of foods and cuisines flourishes trends of sea foods are also taking the driving seat and moving with the trends every year.

Salted egg Yolks:

Salted egg yolks are balancing out the menus of the flourishing trends of Singapore in terms of food. And thus this remains the most favorite part of the platter for breakfast, dinner and also for the brunch.

Ice Creams Scoops Are gone:

Earlier whenever you went to any restaurant you always ordered an ice cream with a single or double scoop but now the scoops are lost and you get your ice cream with all the decorated stuff on it the quantity and quality both have expanded correctly.


Carb Intake From Bread:

Bread is no longer just for kaya and butter. Bread has also modernized itself with the intake of carbs and breads are now the new supplement of carbohydrates as the bread in Singapore is served with the sprinkled amount of green leafy vegetables that actually guzzles the carbs down to your stomach.

So keep enjoying the taste of the trending dishes during your travel days at Singapore. Apply your Quandoo Voucher Codes to get an amazing offer for your restaurant deals!