7 Incredible Things That Make Singapore an Outstanding Place in the World!

Post by Anupam Pandey | Sep 20, 2018

Singapore might not be as large as most of the countries, but it is better than almost all of them when you compare it on significant parameters of the relevance of a place. It is the only country in the world which has eradicated poverty from its society which tells a lot about the prosperity and advancement that a place has achieved. It is highly developed and known for its whopping leaps in the field of economy, business growth and infrastructure. But if you look beyond these parameters of the statistical world, there are many other things that are distinctive and special about Singapore which range from its eco-friendly vibe, cultural diaspora and historical heritage along with some breathtaking sceneries which combine together to form an incredible mix that makes it a great travel destination.

The more appealing thing about the country is its versatility that offers something unique to every visitor irrespective of their preferences whether it is about adventure seekers or a photography addict, a culinary enthusiast or a culture lover, everyone would find the place equally compatible. This is why it is one of the highly recommended travel destinations and finds a place in bucket list for many aspiring travellers. If you too wish to go out for a travel trip anytime soon, do consider Singapore amongst your top priorities. This would also save a good amount on your travel expenditures as you can make your online travel bookings using these Ctrip voucher codes to avail exclusive discount and deals on your travel plans.

Here are a few incredible reasons that make Singapore one of the top places in the world...  

Sustainable Development

The greenery preserved by the Singapore administration amidst the enormous development in the infrastructure gives a very important and nevertheless necessary lesson for other major developed cities of the world. The argument that development and greenery can’t go hand in hand has been rightly thrashed by the example that Singapore has set for the rest of the world to follow. In a survey conducted by the Singapore University in the year 2011, it was found that 56% area of Singapore is still reserved for plants and vegetation.

It is really amazing and praiseworthy thing that a place with a very limited land mass did not compromise on the vegetation cover while keeping its focus on development and more importantly succeeded in it too. This is an exemplary achievement and an inspiration towards the path of sustainable development. 

Cleanliness Drive

In every survey that has been conducted on cleanliness, hygiene and standard of living, Singapore has always featured at the top. This has been the case not just for one or two years but it has been the same for last couple of decades. It is the reason Singapore is known to be the cleanest country in the world. But a large credit for this achievement of Singapore goes to its first prime minister who implemented very strict cleanliness laws which prohibited littering, spitting or urination at public places and streets.People who don’t abide by those laws are strictly punished.

This punishment included hefty penalty and a punishment known as Corrective Work Order in which guilty people are given the task of picking up litter on the streets and in public places. This showed very quick results as people were compelled to follow these laws without fail. Apart from this, the Singapore administration developed a workforce of 50,000 people just for keeping the streets clean. Although a few laws that were included in this cleanliness drive are considered vague by many other countries such as the ban on chewing gum. But the result of this quest for cleanliness has made Singapore to the cleanest places on the planet at present time and nobody can deny it.      

Vividness in Cultural Diaspora

The heritage sites of Singapore are mostly lie in those neighbourhoods which are culturally rich and diversified. The places such as the Little India street, the Chinatown market and the Arab street are all classic examples that indicate the cultural dynamism of Singapore. This not only provides a very healthy mix of different ethnic groups of people but also provides many different religions flourishing in one place.

It is very obvious that the diaspora of a place determines the social liveliness and harmony of a place. The people living in a society which is an amalgam of vividness have the best virtues and understanding of human beings. This versatile nature of Singapore also shows itself in form architecture and the places of worship for different faiths on the same streets. This is all an element of a mature and grown-up society that respects differences and makes it a part of its own self.

Food Hawker Centers

If you consider the vibrant food culture of Singapore and the uniqueness with which is being followed to create it, you will be really surprised. For the oblivious ones, Singapore does not have the practice of restaurants and eateries; it has rather developed its own concept of restaurants which is known as hawker centres. Let me be clear and specific in saying it, Hawker Centers are very highly efficient and relatively cheaper than what restaurants usually cost. This can be very well understood by the fact that an average person who does not have a family would ideally eat at Hawker Centers rather than cooking the food himself.

There are a lot of varieties in the Cuisines that these hawker centres offer but whatever one may eat, the price that one has to pay remains the same. A person can order a customized meal by choosing his individual preferences from the list of dishes which are provided in 3 categories and it is mandatory to choose one dish from the 3 categories each for a meal. It is considered cynical to waste food and if a person is unable to eat the whole meal, the vendor packs it and hands it over to you.  The hawker centres do not offer private tables and all the seating arrangements are in a long queued formation in which any person can sit anywhere he likes.  

Outstanding Gardens and Nature Reserves

If you generally see most developed regions of the present time, there are very few that have kept their focus on creating a green and healthy environment within the cities and even a few who have tried to do have failed to preserve the flora and fauna as it is usually expected from a park. The best things about the gardens in Singapore are their incredible designing and artistic creativity for a showcase which is extraordinary enough to pull people to the parks.

There are many parks in Singapore which are so good that people often visit them just a place for sight-seeing. The high numbers of parks within the city region have given it the name of Garden City. Singapore not only managed to keep space for hundreds of parks within its concrete megastructures, but it also squeezed in enough space for 4 well-sized forest reserves and a large zoo which allowed an ample space for the plants and animals to keep flourishing in the region.

Creative Modern Architectures

Singapore has become a very developed country and you can easily say after taking an overview of the place. It is loaded with tall skyscrapers and gigantic apartments which serve as homes for thousands of people. But one thing about the Infrastructure of Singapore truly stands out and is a class apart from the rest of the world. The place has some of the most creative and very artistic architectural designing applied to the construction of these huge building.

These unique designs are not against engineering practices and there is a strict qualitative standard that is set for construction work. But still, you will be mesmerized by many unbelievable creations of infrastructure and all of them are completely in synchronization with the modern world. The very famous Twin Towers is a good example of this experimental style of building an Infrastructure. The sky-high twin building which has been interconnected with a bridge engulfed by the glass which can be used to go from one building without going down to the ground floor.

The Marina Bay Skyline and the Light Show

The Infrastructure of Singapore has changed drastically over the course of last two decades and Marina Bay Sands is one of the most stunning additions to the Singapore’s brilliance. You can adjudge the aura of the place from the fact that it has become a popular reason by which many people in the world remember Singapore.  It was an empty area not a long time ago but today it is one of the best locations in the city and it offers one of the best sights to view the iconic infrastructures around it.

The Marina Bay is today amongst a major financial hub of Singapore along with the Central Business. The best time to take a look at the city is during the nights as the city conducts a majestic light show which soars up the sky with a very well-orchestrated movement of beams of light. The light show offers one of the most magical visual experiences for the eyes and the amazingly tall skyscrapers with all their glasses around, gleam up with reflections to make it even more stunning. 

The Shopping Paradise

Singapore is literally one of the best places for shopaholics. There are a plethora of malls and street markets where you can find everything that can ever cross your mind for purchase. While the malls are a hub of very beautifully structured and aesthetically organized shops, the local street markets have a very organic and flamboyant feel to it. There are many kinds of markets which have been specifically known for selling distinct varieties of products. There is also an option for you to purchase goods which are attributed to have been originated from different countries such as Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian, Thai and Korean goods thanks to people of different ethnicities who have come from different parts of the world and settled here.

While street markets offer products at reasonable prices, you would find the malls and other branded shops very highly priced. This gives chance to shoppers of all the different categories to buy goods within their budget. To explore the cheapest goods you shall try the Chinese Market where you can get all kind of stuff at bargain prices. The Arab street market offers some of the distinguished Arabian goods while Little India is a market full of colours and flavours that give an authentic feel of Indian Market right in the streets of Singapore. 

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