8 Ideal Family Destinations for Singapore that Give Joy to All

Post by Anupam Pandey | Feb 08, 2019

There are not many places in the world which offer a wide range of options that are enjoyable to a whole family. The problem with family trips is usually caused due to the difference in age between kids and adults that leads to polarized choices and preferences. While the kids would hardly find any fun in places where the adult would take them and on the other hand, the Adult would get frustrated at places which a kid would ideally wish to visit.

These problems are generic in nature but not influential in case of certain destinations which are evenly balanced to engage people of all ages and keep every family member entertained with its offerings. Of all places suited for Family trips, Singapore is definitely class apart and more premier than any other alternative destination you would like to consider. Singapore might not be big in territorial land, but it has used a very well-articulated balance to manage the best out of its land resources while ensuring a wholesome experience to one and all. It would be really unfortunate for a family to not take a trip to this absolute gem.  If you wish to do it anytime soon, here are Trip.com Promo Code that would avail exclusive deals and lowest prices on travel bookings. To get the best out of a family trip, here are 8 Family Friendly Destinations in Singapore that you just can’t afford to miss.

Universal Studios

This theme park is one of the latest additions to the beauty of Singapore and has been attracting people in big crowds ever since it started in the year 2010. The park has a wide array of fun activities and rides that have all kind of options for adults as well as kids. The park has been themed around the basic premise of the successful and acclaimed movies. This park is located in the Sentosa Islands and it was created by Resorts World as a part of its $4.5 billion investment. The park has aptly inspired its designing and creative inputs from Hollywood. Universal Studios also features a replica of Hollywood Boulevard that is strikingly similar to the one in the USA.

It has different sections inside it that all have been themed on the name of popular cities of the world and also ensured to follow the same features and visual appeal as those cities are known to have. The park also has theme based rollercoasters such as Ancient Egypt with gigantic statues of two guards. There is a Sci-Fi segment where one can find the tallest intertwines of Roller Coaster. You can also find the caricatures of famous celebrities and movie stars such as Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Munroe and snap pictures with them.

Singapore Discovery Centre


People, who are curious about knowing Singapore inside out, should visit the Singapore Discovery Park for the better of their quench for knowledge. This is apparently a very elaborate and well-developed centre that offers every detail about the history, culture and future prospects of the place. Even though it is attributed as an Art Gallery and Museum, but it is much more vivid and informative than any other museum you would have seen in your lifetime. The centre is spread in a very large place and also offers outdoor playground and activity grounds that younger children would find exciting and enjoyable.

There are many easy to understand displays which have been interactively designed to make sure that the kids should not face any problem in catching it. Apart from keeping it more kid-friendly, the Discovery Centre has also been successful in making it no less engaging for the adults at the same time. This park is situated on the Upper Jurong Road and can be easily reached by walk from nearest Metro Station Joo Koon within 10 minutes. The place offers several packages that offer a different kind of experiences from the Singapore Military Institute to 3D movies specially made for this centre alone.

Legoland Resort


The Legoland is a resort but it is often misunderstood as a theme park due to its similar kind of appearance and expanded area cover. This resort covers 76 acres of land which is really a massive space for a resort. The whole resort is divided into 7 areas and the overview of it shows a very neat and circular shape of its territorial boundary. The Lego cartoons have a significant influence on this place which should not surprise you given the fact that its name is also been given on the same premise. The unique place offers 40 different types of rides in total.

Most of its rides have a setup that resembles the transport vehicles such as Car, Trains and Motor Boats. There different theme based experiences designed for the park like a hunt for the hidden treasure of the ancient Kingdom called ‘Land of Adventure’. There is an imagination centre which is specifically designed to engage kids with loads of colourful blocks like that in Lego animes, a roller coaster ride with Dragon as its theme and a few water-based activities and attractions know as Lego Technic. In all, it is a perfect place for a family, especially during the summer season.

Art & Science Museum


This is a museum that is notably different in its exterior shape from any other building or monument you would have seen. The Art & Science museum is located near the Marina Bay Sands waterfronts. The Museum is a great place to explore Singapore changing visually making it an ideal treat to watch with the whole family and especially the kids who would certainly find it mind-blowing. The exterior view of the Museum is a structure that would resemble a fist of a man that has just stretched out of nowhere. This museum offers a very knowledgeable and interesting experience to the children as they get to understand the deeper insights on links between Art and Science in an educational and equally enticing manner

The museum has the capacity to hold 21 art exhibitions at a time which essentially gives a clue about the huge space it has inside its roof. Some exhibitions are permanent while a few of them are occasional events that happen from time to time. The place begins with a very creative way taking the visitor through a floating staircase to give the taste of what the place is all about. The wall of this museum itself has a number of tricky questions that are meant to explore the connection between Arts and Science. 

Night Jungle Safari


This is one of its kind ultimate experiences that was started in Singapore with the collaborative efforts of wildlife conservation and research along with the surreal experience of the forest. This safari is not just an idea of watching wildlife but more of an attempt to educate the next generations about the need for wildlife conservation and the importance of it in general. The wildlife safari also aims to explore the various aesthetics of wildlife research that could help in improving the lives of animals that live in the wild or captivities. The Night Safari is a well-conceived way to provide a thorough feeling and excitement of watching these animals as they are in their natural habitat.

The park has been given an expansive space to accommodate more space for each animal and make them comfortable as they should be in their true habitat. The safari is carried out in a train that takes you through the whole reserve in an articulated path and ensures you get to see as many animals as possible. This safari is organized after the sunset till late midnight in order to give a very genuine sense of wildlife as most animals are usually active during these hours which makes for a very high probability of sighting. To be honest, most animals of this reserve are accustomed to safari and are comfortable with the presence of people around them. It is not allowed to make disturbing sounds or throw plastic or food towards the animals during the safari.

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is a city known for its sustainable development and greenery. In spite of all the urban growth that the place has achieved, there has been not much influence on the ecological balance or the vegetative cover of the region. This must be appreciated and followed by all other regions of the world too. It is not a fluke or mere co-incidence but more of a well-planned and wisely sculpted urban development model that never sacrificed greenery in lieu of land even if it had only a limited amount of land under its belt. The region has been kept with plenty of open gardens and parks that are full of plants and lush green herbs to keep the city ecologically balanced.

These gardens are meant for educating people about the importance of green plants in our survival. The Gardens by the Bay stands out as one of the most iconic ones of all with its extraordinary creativity and decorated styling. The Gardens, by the Way, is a garden that has nothing similar to its kind elsewhere in the world.  The garden has very impressive and intuitive features such as skywalk over the gardens, a greenhouse in seashell-shaped designs, artificially chilled mountainous climate and an extensive variety of flora and fauna. This 250- acres park near the Marina Bay Sands is an absolutely delightful and marvellous creation, to say the least.

Wild Wet Waterpark


Wild Wet Waterpark is apparently the most loved and visited waterpark of Singapore and for obvious reasons. It is an unprecedentedly enjoyable place to spend time and promises an extempore action in the water. The themed waterpark has a set of amazing adrenaline pumping slides, pools, rollers and all kinds of water activities to play with. The best aspect which makes it different from the ordinary waterparks is that it has very eloquent entertainment for people of all ages as the whole family could find activities of their preferences and like no matter what their age might be.

Few rides are a bit nerve chilling which are only for the brave-hearted ones. Some of the popular rides if the park includes the ‘Ular Lah’ a water raft ride which was the first one of Asia, Shiok River, Side Up, Torpedo of 18 meters high falling slide and the Water Works which is traditional flume ride into the pool. You can book tours to these theme parks well in advance with these Klook Promo Code and avail exclusive discounts and cheapest prices for the online bookings.

The Singapore Flyer


The Singapore Flyer is an iconic observatory wheel that is the largest in the whole world. This wheel has been built on three storey building as the base. The size of this magnanimous wheel is 150 metres in diameter with a height of 165 metres at the top and the moving speed of the flyer is 0.21 metres per second that may not seem crazy, but it is actually the fastest in the world and can make your heart skip a beat or two when the capsule moves downward from the top. The size of this flyer can be understood from the sheer comparison with the London Eye which is over 30 meters shorter in the height compared to this flyer. The seating place is encapsulated with unbreakable glass for complete safety. At the peak of its height, this flyer gives an extraordinary view of the entire cityscape of Singapore.

The skyline of Singapore can be best experienced from this observatory wheel during the night as the whole sky is gleaming with skyscrapers and their lights. The panoramic view of this ultimate flyer is an experience that no traveller who is visiting Singapore can afford to miss. There is nothing of this magnitude that one could experience in the world except here. The only thing that one has to keep in mind before going into the capsule is that they should not have Acrophobia, the fear of high altitude as it obviously takes you to a very high altitude when the capsule reaches the top. 

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