Botanical Garden - A Must See Spot Of Singapore!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Nov 29, 2016

Welcome rovers, so how is your Singapore trip going on? Visited the Universal studios, Sentosa Islands, Chinatown and Botanical Gardens? Alright, Botanical Garden is yet to be explored? Don’t tell me this name doesn’t excite you and you think it’s a waste going there? Oho, you really need to get updated!

The world knows that this city is nestled amidst the biodiversity and still you need a reason to explore the lovely Botanical Garden of this Island city? Hmmm, then come along with me to enjoy the versatility of the Botanical Garden in Singapore. 

I am sure that the lush green gardens and rare species flowers will not only woo your heart but will make you regret that why you did not visited this place earlier? But its ok let me give you a preview of this wonderful place.

First a quick glimpse of what is it famous for- 

- Was established in the year 1859 i.e. it is 157 year old. 

- It’s tagged as the country’s first UNESCO Heritage Site.

- Is home to over 60000 plants and orchids.

- Has more than 40 heritage trees including the Tembusu tree, which is 150 years old. 

What to See?

National Orchid Garden

The moment you will enter there you would feel like you are in some sort of paradise where flowers of various colors are smiling at you. Yes, like the name suggest the garden is home to 1000 species and 2000 hybrids on display. 

So no matter who your companion is am sure it will be a great place to explore. Hmmm, to me it’s like any dream come true, where my walkways are surrounded with eye-soothing natural beauty and heart-pleasing sweet smells. 

Swan Lake

Like any beautiful dream, this garden also has many attractive features out of which Swan Lake is the most beautiful one. Previously, known as the Main Lake or the First Lake, the Swan Lake was constructed in 1866, soon after the Gardens were formed. 

The lake has numerous species of aquatic plants and fishes and another feature of the lake is the island with its large clump of Nibong palms.

Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum

Okay, those who love to see art and take knowledge of history can enjoy at the Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum. The museum features interactive and multimedia exhibits and panels that detail the Gardens' rich heritage.

The display includes old photographs, artifacts, plant specimens, rare botanical books and botanical paintings that date back to the early 19th century. Well, sounds like an interesting place isn’t it? Give it a shot.

This is why I love this city as the futuristic city has way back understood the necessity of perfect balance between nature and technology. Now the world is advocating the importance of eco-parks and eco-lakes but this city has already set a testament of it. 

So be the one to witness the foresightedness of the city and feel nature around you! 

Take care till we meet next!!!