Completely New Metamorphosing Digitised World

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Apr 04, 2017

Technology has yet again marked its remarkable presence in all the sectors be it be education, social or economical. Technology has created a wide market to choose from. There is no such thing you name and is isn’t available to you technology has break all the obstacle and made itself available to the people in all forms. There are smartphones of different variety, price, models, color, even size, camera quality and never ending things, laptops ,I pads to name a few.

Generations after generations technology has been proving itself to be a super astounding human friendly machine. When we talk about technology we don’t emphasize on gadgets particularly, we are also hereby talking about the applications that has given wings to the technological world. There are millions of applications to choose upon to cater our daily needs, to stay connected to each other, to exchange pictures and many more such never ending advantages we enjoy that has been available to us because of this technological drive.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C.Clarke

Technology makes a person grow, and allows personalized learning but this technology also sometimes hinders the same growth if not amplified in the right direction.

Have we ever thought what would have been the scenario if there were no technological advancements only “Mishaps” is the answer. Such an easy and opulent life would have been the only dream that couldn’t be fulfilled.

So here when we are talking about technological advancements then there are certain trends that are followed in the sectors of the country and one such country is Singapore that has been setting its own standards in the world of technology follows trends that has always been hyped. Some of the ongoing developing trends of 2017 is mentioned here.

Such trends involve:

  The chat bot trend

This trend is still in the process of developing all the developers are working over it and with the coming month this would also be a trendsetter. With this chat bot trend the developers is aiming to break the barriers faced in digital transactions, subscriptions and many more to be named. This application identifies the every bit of the detail for the customers and then will cater the need.


Break out gaming apps

 After the introduction of the “Pokémon Go” that has laid down a whole new standard in the gaming space now people look forward to more such break out gaming apps that could create a real world interactive experience.


 Live streaming

 This trend is something different from the other media platforms the developer of this trend is aiming to create an honesty between the customers and the marketers this app would allow all the online sites to be displaying the credentials with all clarity. As facebook has already introduced the live streaming application.


Govt becoming fully digitised 

 The country is aiming at creating the whole new digitised country where mobiles would be acting as a friendly device for any sort of activity such as online transaction, depositing money,all the E-Government services to be dealt digitally. 


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