Find A Beautiful Place and Lets Your Dreams Set Sails

Post by Priyanka Gupta | May 04, 2017


Have you ever experience travelling from the cruise? Have you ever dream of travelling from cruise? Do you think it is the most loyal thing elite class experience? Do you want to get that feeling of ruling the world? Do you want to see how beautiful cruises are? Do you think travelling from cruise is out of your budget and you can’t afford it?

People say that dreams have no reality but its not true if you work hard you can fulfill all your dreams. Whenever you saw a people enjoy cruising even in the television you must dream of travelling from cruise one day but in this rapidly growing life our dreams will be only our dreams we are not able to convert them into reality because of the work load but this summer’s give yourself and your family a royal vacation and let them experience how the luxury life is and travel your dream destination.

Have you ever said anyone that you want to go on a cruise? Did they laugh at you? Did they say that we are not that financially strong to take a cruise trip? Then it’s time to shut their mouth because now you can.

Singapore is a dream place for all, it’s a place which offers you everything from beaches to amazing nightlife and give you freedom to do anything to wish. So, there is one more wish which Singapore can fulfill and that is a mind blowing cruise trip that will allow you to experience the cruise life.

Let’s check out the best cruises which make you travel the whole Singapore in your budget and allow you making memories for life:

Voyager of the Seas

If you want to enjoy every little minute of your trip them Voyager of the Seas is all set to take you to your desired destination. It is considered as the largest cruise ship in the world from the time when 1999 it holds around 3114 passengers and headed towards its destination.  The ship has rock climbing walls, ice skating rings and many other features which keep give you jaw dropping experience. The ship attracts a high percentage of families due to its royal facilities and security.


Mariner of the Seas

The ship was launches in 2003, the ship is identical to Voyager of the Seas. It includes all the royal class amenities and activities which we keep you engage and will amaze you along with exploring the sea. So if you want an adventurous trip then you must take a travel from this cruise and experience the twist and turns.  So, this summer enjoy a thrilling trip on a cruise and fulfill your desires and fantasies.


Sea Princess

If you want to experience the traditional travel and explore the sea sides then Sea Princess is all set to take you onboard. Sea Princess is introduced by Maria Harding, Cruise Critic contributor and was updated by Ashley Kosciolek, Associate Editor of the Sea Princess. The ship was started in 1998. The ship holds great interior and exterior which will allure you with its effects and lighting and offers you the most attractive views.


Majestic Princess


The ship is third in the line of royal class. If you belong to an elite class then no doubt you will choose this cruise for your travel. It will tell you the real definition of royalty and make you feel that you are the king and the world is very small in front of you. The ship holds 3600 passengers and brilliant exterior and amenities which will make you crave for spending rest of your life on the cruise.


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