Hey Singaporeans! Make Way For Dark Lip Colors

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Oct 21, 2016

We women are termed as ‘choosy’, and I think there is no wrong in being one, as getting impressed with every second good thing can become cliché. Hmmm, and that’s definitely not us, right?

You can find a humongous variation in women around the globe. They all are different and have something different to showcase. In terms of fashion and beauty, I am an admirer of Singaporean lassies. Just wish someday to have such alluring personality like them!

Alas!!! Don’t know when I could claim such glowing skin like them, can ever imbibe their chic fashion sense but for now, I can surely tip my Singaporean beauty with the latest trend that will enhance their radiant skin tone. 

Well, am talking about lipstick. Yeah, I know beautyholics have now turned their ears here or rather their eyes!!! 

Lipstick to me is a magic stick which glorifies your face instantly. But to feel its magic you need to pick the right shade. Yes, shade book can help you in it but don’t you think it’s a bot old-school thing? Agree. 

Now according to season, you have trend for everything from nail art to lip color. And this year also Nude lip colors have been raving in the summer season but what now as winters are there?

Chillax divas, as am here to let you what shades would make you look sassy and stylish this winter. Yup, the shades for fall 2016 have already been chosen and I must say that will look amazing on a skin tone you Singaporeans have. Nah, Nah, no racism it’s just a perception considering skin tone! So ladies spare me please. ;)

Till now nude lip shades have been ruling the hearts of beautyholics, but now it’s time to swap them with the bold and dark shades. Yup, dark lip colors are the flavor of this nippy season.  

All those who have had sidelined their bold colors can now use them or If you follow my advice then buy the latest ones. After all, a fresh season needs a fresh collection!

Now that the secret is unlocked, I know that you all must be eagerly waiting to know the nail colors which have arrested the top slots. Not so easy, let the curiosity rise!

Imagine you wearing a dark berry color lip color on your dinner date or brown to complement your formal look, won’t it suit you? A subtle makeup with bold lip color would make you look outstanding and stylish. Who knows you become a trendsetter at your workplace?

Alright, have teased you all enough! Now am all set to let you know the top 5 shades that are must have this season. All set? Great, let’s get started. 

Deep Concord Grape


Might look a bit dark to you all, but trust me it’s a perfect shade to wear at evening parties. Its sheer texture makes it look appealing instead of making it look wild.

Coffee Brown

This is a sober yet appealing color favorable to include to formal styling. It has the tint of pink which makes it look lively. 


Don’t forget to include the lip color in reddish brown color in your vanity as its perfect to wear when moving out with friends. Team it up with your chunkiest boots and sweaters. 

Plum Red

This is the color for all those ladies who dare to wear boldness with style. Now do I need to say that it’s a must have color?

Black Cherry

Now this color should be included in your makeup kit as it’s the color of passion. Yeah, enhance the romantic hues with this alluring and tempting shade. 

Hey, where are u rushing, buy them? Great, but there is something more which can be great help to you. Wanna know what? Well, just three rules. 

First one says; do apply the same color lip liner when applying bold shades to define your cupid bow. Second says after you have applied the lip color lightly blot your lips with a tissue for a polished, and even look. And third says, wear an honest smile!

Well, get these colors and follow these simple rules to flaunt a perfect lip color. 

This was it for now, soon will be back with something more useful for you! Till we meet next stay gorgeous. :)