How to Save Money This Chinese New Year in Singapore

Post by Ashik Gosaliya | Jan 04, 2017

Usually, there is no compulsion and there is enough stock in the kitchen cupboard and wardrobe thanks to Christmas and the New Year, we overshoot the budget during Chinese New Year celebrations only to show the world that we too can spend. A kind of bravery, isn’t it? Or maybe just because a friend of a colleague is a little mad at his money, we too can show off. On the contrary, we would be doing good to ourselves by saving lots of money through means offered by CollectOffers during CNY festivities.

No matter how fat your wallet gets thanks to ang baos, spending exceedingly on week-long holidays or planning long overnight parties at the most lavish bars and lounges could be detrimental to your bank account at the end of the month. Here, CollectOffers comes up with superb money-saving tips to help you celebrate the Chinese New Year in style without spending too much money. CollectOffers ensures that you can satisfy the demanding family and friends, and at the same time have a complete control over your bank statement. 

Paint Wardrobe Red

It is very easy to loose sartorial sanity during the festivities. If you could think of adding versatility to your wardrobe during Christmas time keeping in mind the CNY celebrations, you may spare yourself from spending a bomb on red clothes. If the big discounts are your escape route, well let CompareMoney tell you that prices of fashion staples have already been inflated.

Neither credit card promotions nor mega sales come to your aid when you are on spending spree. All that helps is discount coupons offered by CollectOffers. On one hand, you will get the best of products from the selected ranges available at the online stores, on the other hand, you will be able to save money using Lazada Voucher Codes provided by CollectOffers. 

Store Festival Goodies

The shape of your wallet depends on how well you feed your relatives with nian gao and bak kwa or pineapple tarts and cornflake cookies. When you can stock these goodies any time in the year or well in advance, there is no point in spending a fortune on such stuff at the last minute with a price that is skyrocketing thanks to the festival and thanks to the economic slowdown.

Alas, had you had planned well in advance. However, don’t go fretting, instead, put your CollectOffers account to the maximum use and receive great discount codes on groceries, veggies, and wines. You can also find great discount offers for Cold Storage, Market Place, Jasons, Giant, and Guardian. This way balancing the budget can become an easy thing. No doubt, this will ensure the good amount of ang aos.

Lavish House Parties

It is true, we hardly get time for family union or get together these days. Festivals are the only times when the extended family comes under one roof to share the joy and happiness. Moreover, the CNY celebration is incomplete without family dinner on the Chinese New Year eve. However, having a villa in Singapore isn’t everyone’s cup of a tea and renting one for a family union isn’t a wise thing to do.

Instead, CollectOffers would suggest an advance online food ordering at the Caterspot. No prize for guessing that restaurants are going to charge exorbitant prices for lavish parties or family dinner. You are going to jeopardize the family fun if you are going to go back on your promise of a grand celebration. Caterspot voucher code would ensure a lavish house party with dishes and delicacies of optimum tastes. 

Weekend Getaways

Whatever may be the reason; running away from the noisy relative or genuinely seeking a break, Singaporeans would throng Changi airport comes the CNY for a long weekend getaway. The number of expatriates leaving Singapore for a few peaceful days would be so big that no last-minute deal on online hotel booking or flight booking would come to your help.

CollectOffers always recommends booking your hotel and flight well in advance at either Expedia or exclusive travel coupon codes available at Credit Card benefits may get reflected in your account two months later and not in monetary form, but collectoffers coupon codes will bring you immediate benefits from online travel agencies in the form of either cash back or discount.

CollectOffers wishes you all a very happy Chinese New Year in advance and promises to serve you even better with a load of coupon codes for fashion, travel, online food, groceries and much more to ensure each Singaporean benefits and saves money each month. 

Have a fabulous family reunion and happy Chinese New Year…!!!

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