Look Macho All Over Again With These Bestselling Brands

Post by Sujata Sanyal | Jul 13, 2017

Shirts are what every menfolk like to proudly own and flaunt too. There are mega brands in the market with their coveted collections that can make your wardrobe a fashion house. The men's shirt has seen so many makeovers from the polo shirt to printed and striped ones, that assorting the most happening out of those is a difficult task for every curator of the best brand.

Here's are some of the brands that have the elan to make a difference to the way you wear shirts:


This Spanish brand has always lived up to its reputation and has always produced world class apparel. They dish out almost 10,000 designs annually and have the specialization in creating luxurious clothing.It was founded in 1975 and its creative founders are Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera.


With a brand value of $5.5 billion, this Italian company founded in 1978 is a chartbuster. It has been grandstanding the most diverse prints, exotic embellishments and cocktail and trendsetting gowns.This brand has introduced innumerable trends into the fashion scenario. 

 Under Armour:

This American fashion enterprise came into being in 1996 and its founder was Kevin Park, a 23 year American and at present has factories across America and globally too. It got its initial break when they were contacted by WB for a dress of their upcoming movie.


Nike got its official name in 1971, though it came into existence in 1964. It was created by two individuals, Bowerman and Phil Knight.After that rest is history. This firm is renowned for its bestselling footwear, clothing, accessories and gadgets and facilities. It has also made headway into sports goods and is amongst the leading sports manufacturer. 

Don these brands and see yourself in a new motivational gear and devastating looks.