Make Your Diwali Festivity Prodigious By Celebrating It In Singapore!   

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Oct 18, 2016

Let’s be different. Usually we all fly down to fancy spots to celebrate New Year or Christmas Eve but what if we celebrate the festival of lights, Diwali in a destination, which is a melting pot of cultures. Confused? Well am talking about the most futuristic city of the world, Singapore.  

Yes, am serious about this. Do you all know that how splendidly the festival of Diwali or Deepavali (as said by them) is celebrated in the Lion City? I know that it’s not sounding cool to you all but trust me eventually you all would appreciate it.


The city which is a home to variety of cultures, majestically celebrates this auspicious occasion and I can bet that celebrating Diwali in Singapore won’t leave you repented.  

What are you talking about? Don’t you know that it’s a place which is dominated by Chinese culture? Chinese New Year is one occasion they all celebrate sublimely; I know these are some of the questions which you might be murmuring. Come on guys, don’t you think I would have cross checked every loop hole before talking to you? 

You can see an unusual vibe in the air of Singapore during this occasion. Hindu families all around Singapore turn their homes into enclaves of warm golden light. However, the festivity can be felt all over Singapore as all greet each other and exchange gifts. 

Every year Singaporeans celebrate this festival in full zest trying something innovative. Not only public but also public bodies plan something interesting for this occasion. Like this year the Land Transport Authority has launched a special Diwali theme train. 

Anyone who is a culture junkie would love to see the ambiance and celebration in Singapore during Diwali. Streets glitter like sky full of stars. People dressed up in bright color clothes, luscious delicacies, gifts and not to forget amazing fireworks.

It’s an occasion where women get a full-fledged chance to use their fashion and makeup expertise. Also, a day before you can observe women applying henna tattoo. Now this is tempting me, coz I love the smell of henna!!!

For food lovers it’s a great chance to enjoy a variety of curries with ‘roti prata’ (dough flat bread). Also, other traditional food of Singapore can appease your taste bud on this festive occasion. 
Like in India, even in Singapore you can see Rangolis. Yeah, the geometric-design floor art, filled with bright colors or made out of rice or flower petals. 

Markets are flooded with latest crackers, variety of flowers, sculptures of God and Goddesses. You can also find packed delicacies available in the market; in case you want to taste them, it becomes easier. 

So now that you can find every quotient of the lovely festival in the Island city isn’t it worth going there once? Hmmm, I know you are giving a thought over it. 

At last I would only say that it does not matter where you celebrate the festival it’s about celebrating it whole heartedly. And when you have a chance to enjoy a wonderful experience in Singapore, get going!