Men's Vogue Trends Slay Today!!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Apr 10, 2017


Who says only women could be fashionistas?

Today men are also ruling the fashion world as they are also enamored with the word fashion and also wants to be in trend. Mens fashion has different categories and are hence easily classified. But, but, but wait readers what all classifications you must have had thought of is really very coherent and is somewhat orthodox because now mens fashion range are also broadly categorised based on the trends in the fashion industry.

"Men are slaying in the world of fashion".

There are fashion weeks where men are also walking over the ramp and the charismatic personality says it all that men are no where behind women in fashion. All the latest trends in the vogue industry have made people go quizzical  about fashion in all ways.

Intruiging in the mankind regarding the trends are making them adamant to follow the styles. When I am saying fashion I am notonly highlighting over clothes I am talking about all the viands that acesseorizes mens wear. Runways are the most prominent origin of fashion trends because all the fashion weeks trends are considered to be the latest trend of that particular year.


 so let us here talk about some of the latest trends in Singapore for men:

Relaxed Trousers:

These trousers are highly in fashion and are very comfortable to wear and the looks comes out as baggy pants which are so trendy these days.

Arty Details:

embellishment continues here from fringing and tufted polka dots. These printed designer wear marks a class and are well suited for ocassional purposes.

Utilitarian Style:

With uproar hype of this trend now this style is suppose to be benchmarked as the latest trend and will uphoald the trends towards the fashion industry.