No Other Place But Singapore Can Serve You A Varied Platter With Mouthwatering Flavors!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Oct 06, 2016

A beautiful smile and good food are two things that can turn on your mood, right? No, I am not in a mood to preach you about healthy living but want to bring your attention towards a subject that matters a lot in all our lives. I am talking about ‘Tempting Food’! I know I am being specific, but not my fault as after observing the authentic Singaporean cuisine I have become a bit choosy! ;)

Now, I feel that there are three categories in food, which goes on good, great and excellent and I won’t be wrong if I place Singaporean dishes in the excellent category, as so much variety with equally amazing taste can be found only rarely. 

No doubt travellers love to visit Singapore to experience its picturesque beauty and to do bags full of shopping. But people with eager taste buds fly to this exotic Lion City to gorge upon its lovely cuisine.


The scenic Island city no doubt has a perfect amalgamation of culture and advance technology but I cannot forget to mention its superlative taste in food as well. Its platter reflects the varied culture existing in the city. 

I know that people who have visited the place and have tasted the food there would second my opinion and can still recall the taste in their mouth, which is taking them back in time when they were strolling down the street of that beautiful city and exploring new flavors with each dish. 

Singaporeans are classy and there dining restaurants resemble their urban thinking. However, to enjoy more life and taste in your foodie ride, you can completely depend upon the street food, which I bet can give you a heavenly feeling!

Imagine you being like a locale sitting in the local food areas and gorging upon some authentic cuisines like Laksa, Bak Ku Teh, Chicken Rice, etc, which you have always heard and seen on the Internet or TV. Won’t you feel a little more familiar to that place? 

So come with on a gastronomic ride to the world’s best place for food lovers. Be careful, or you might get lost in the alleys of taste and flavors!

Bak Kut Teh

I know the name of their dishes are a bit tongue twister so let me explain you. This dish means “pork bone tea” but hey as its name the dish also has some twist. It’s not literally like any authentic Singaporean tea but after taking this soupy dish, you will need to drink a strong cup of tea to wash down the grease settles in your mouth or throat. Phew! Never knew that even dishes could be named so typically. 

Bak kut teh is prepared with pork ribs that are boiled in water along with white pepper, lots of garlic, and salt, until the pork become tender and all the flavor of the pepper and garlic is mingled into the pork bones to create a comfortingly flavorful soup. It served with rice.

Hokkien Mee

This is another popular dish served in Singapore, and if you wanna get the real taste, try it from the hawkers there. It’s a dish that has roots in China’s Fujian province. 

Hokkien Mee’s recipe includes a mixture of both yellow egg noodles and white rice noodles that are fried in a wok with egg, often pieces of seafood and bean sprouts. However, its preparation changes with each hawker as they might stir frying it to make it drier, while others make it as a gravy sauce. You can find it at the Old Airport Food Center.

Chicken Rice

Though the dish sounds simple but it has a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans. So when travelling to Singapore make sure that you try this dish which is a summation of boiled chicken, paired with flavorful rice and sauce. 

This is one dish, which either you taste in posh restaurants or at street shops you will get a heavenly taste everywhere. In fact, you could experience a punch of new flavors at different eateries. 

Char Kway Teow

Love noodles? Then don’t you dare, come back from the Lion City without tasting its delicious Char Kway Teow, which are stir fried! I bet you that after you taste it once you will demand another plate of it. 

The noodles are prepared with flat wide rice noodles, stir-fried with egg, a sauce of dark soy sauce, shrimp paste, a bit of chili. Hawkers often use some Chinese sausage and blood cockles to finish it off. 

Hmmm, yummy, isn’t it? To taste the best of it, you can go to the Bedok South Market and Food Centre. 


Chai Tow Kway (Carrot Cake)

Hearing the names here, I have started believing in the saying by Shakespeare, “What is in the name” as the above mentioned dish might sound like a dessert but mind you it’s not! Also, unlike western carrot cake, this Singaporean dish excludes red sweet carrots and includes raddish.

It is prepared with rice flour and shreds of daikon that are formed into rice cakes. It is fried in lots of pork lard, and eggs. 

To taste it best you can go to the New Upper Changi Road, at Bedok Interchange Food Centre.

Well, I hope that now you know what you have to taste when travelling the beautiful land of Singapore. However, these are only few names, you can find even more delicacies there, which will make your trip more joyous and memorable!

Till I come back with another piece of blog, you all can have a bon appetite!