Rule In Style With The New Snappy Sassy Summer Trends

Post by Priyanka Gupta | Apr 18, 2017

Are you bored of seeing same you every day? Do you think your style need a makeover? Are you searching for new trends? Is western wear your new love? Do you want a western makeover? Do you think western clothes empower women? Do you think western style glorify your looks? So, what are you waiting for “GO AND GET?”

Those days are gone when women in India are restricted to ethnic wear like salwar suits and sarees so girls it’s time to giddy up and get a chic look. With the advancement in technologies our mindset is also evolving with time and now girls are no longer seen only in traditional wear whether it is a metropolitan city or a small village. Now everywhere girls are joining corporate world and are getting equally paid as boys.

I am not saying traditional wear aren’t comfortable or you should not wear it anymore. But yes, they may distract you while working as many a time you get irritated of handling your dupattas and it takes longer time in the morning to get ready for the work which may make your boss to fire you. So, now there has been a complete change in the women fashion trends due to which its market growth is increasing rapidly as they offer more flexibility and make you more confident.


As time keeps on changing fashion is always evolving with time. You may think that these were popular at the time of 90s and they are back but NO they may be back but with a huge change. Singapore weather is always pleasing and that play a vital role is changing the fashion trends.

Singapore is known the business hub of Asia and one of the most expensive one to live in but on the other side a safe and clean city. It’s a place where women wear what they want to and without any restrictions. You may feel jealous when I will tell you that most of the women are in short dress like skirts, midis, shorts and roam around everywhere on the roads, in the malls, theaters or any other place where you think once before wearing these clothes. Even while walking in the Singapore street you must be thinking like “her dress is too short” or “is she comfortable wearing this on the road” but the fact is these clothes make them more comfortable and filled them with zeal.  

Let’s check out the new summer collection of popular brands like Zalora and Lazada in Singapore:


Nowadays, ruffles are creating their own path, they are everywhere. and the best thing is you can pair it with anything you are wearing like skirts, shirts or dresses. It gives you a chic look that you even wear it as office formals or as a party wear. You dont need to rush for any matching accessories, it anyways gives you a sophisticated and trendy look.


Off-shoulder dresses

You must have wear off shouldre frocks and dresses in your childhood and that time it gives you a cute the same trend is back again to give you a stylishand trendy look . So, instead of buzzing around just pick up a  off shoulder crop top and pair it with dark colour skirt and your perfect outfit is ready. The off shoulder dress always add a style quotient and make you more trendy.

Slip dresses

You may think this is out dated but the fact is if you are a singaporean then you must go wit the trend and summers due to hot weather condition these are best to carry yourself. The slip dresses are always in whether it's summers or winters. You can pair it with shirts, crop tops to get a sultry look if you are not comfortable in wearing it as a slip one. These attires always brings out simplicity and change your style for a time.

Deconstructed Shirts

Be a Dapper! These deconstructed shirts will break the clutter pf wearing normal boaring shirts and give youselfa new snazzy look.All the working women your wish has come true. Now you dont have to carry your same style everyday in your office. Deconstructed shirts has pull out two trends at the same time- the off shoulder one and the deconstructed shirts with ruffles and you don't need to spend much money to get this look. So, get ready to customize your shirts and revamp your style.