Singapore: An Ideal Destination For Capricious Teenagers!

Post by Osheen Saxena | Aug 08, 2016

Are you also a kind of teenager, to whom holiday just does not mean to enjoy skating, drawing, or going out for picnics but it is a wholesome package of the quality amount of leisure and adventure? Well, then you should visit the contemporary and lively island city-state off southern Malaysia, Singapore.

Yes, Singapore is a perfect holiday destination for those drifter teens, who like to live their life large! Bestowed with numerous worthwhile attractions, varied wildlife & rich vegetation, ancient temples, towering skyscrapers, luxurious accommodation options, and rare contrasts, Singapore is a ‘Paradise for Travellers’.

We know that impressing mercurial teenagers is not an easy task but we can bet that Singapore will never let your expectations down; rather your heart will ask for ‘Once More’. To give you all a clearer picture of Singapore, we are here to help you, so shall we begin?

Why Singapore?


Every corner of Singapore has something new for its travellers and if the holidaymakers are young and energetic then the fun quotient will be higher. The mystique temples, giant skyscrapers, old-school shop houses, Chinatown, Little India are some of the places in the Island city that will leave you mesmerized. No wonder you may get puzzled when thinking what was more captivating and enthralling. Singapore, the mixed bag of attraction has a wide range for all travellers, who are keen on exploring new things.


Nature & Wildlife

If you are a nature lover then Singapore is a must destination as it is considered as the ‘greenest city of Asia’ according to many surveys. To get a perfect example of Singaporeans love for greenery you can take a look at the splendid super trees at the ‘Gardens By The Bay’, which vary from 25 to 50 meters of height and have steel structures that harvest rainwater for use in gardens. Also, the Botanical Garden here has a wide variety of medicinal as well as floral plants.

You can experience the wildlife closely when travelling in Singapore, as here zoo are designed innovatively where animals live in naturalistic habitats. The zoo at Singapore has a collection of natural wonders such as the endangered white tiger and proboscis monkeys.


If in Singapore, don’t miss the sea lion perform at the Splash Safari Show or domestic friends putting up an entertaining show at the Animal Friends show.

Enjoying at discs is not the only nightlife option at Singapore, instead, Night Safari is also available. Yes, thinking out of the box, Singapore Zoo introduced Night Safari in the year 1994, to focus on nocturnal species. The zoo comprises of 2,500 resident animals from over 130 species including the endangered Asian elephant, Malayan tapir, and Malayan tiger. You can enjoy the Night safari via a tram ride of 35-minutes.

Food & Drink

If you feel drained out, post exploring the mind-blowing attractions of Singapore, get indulged in tasting the delicious cuisine of the Island city. No matter from what taste you have, Singapore has something for all.


You can sense the diverse culture of Singapore in their food style as well. While the street food is a fusion of diverse cultures, Singapore’s fine dining scene has wooed everyone. In fact, this place is home to many celebrity chef restaurants.

Without spending much in Singapore, you can taste mouthwatering food. Those who want to taste the real Singaporean food should not miss the chicken rice, served almost in every food joint. Like seafood? Do try the chilli crab.




You can never get enough of this beautiful city as after you are done with your to-do-list at day time, the energetic nightlife is all set to welcome you all.


Go crazy and wild with the electrifying nightlife at Zouk, the 25-year old club at Singapore. Another popular disc at the lively city is Attica.


For those who like to enjoy their evening watching the picturesque beauty of Singapore can enjoy their drinks at SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands.


If you are nearby China Town visit the Potato Head Folk’s rooftop bar, a stunning place to spend your evening with your buddies. Even Little India at Singapore has a bar name Zsofi.

Festival & Events

As known to all that Singapore is a mixed bag of cultures and hence witnesses various events throughout the year. While its cultural events include New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Pausa, Deepavali and much more, it also experiences socio-cultural events such as Singapore Heritage Festival, Singapore Food Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore Fashion Festival and much more.



Those who are planning to visit the beautiful place in the month of August they can also witness some stunning and culturally rich events like National Parade Day (August 9), Singapore International Festival of Arts (11 Aug to 17 Aug), Epicurean Market 2016 (12 Aug-14 Aug), Weezer live in concert (15 Aug), Singapore Night Festival (19 Aug to 27 Aug) and many more.



If you are a teenager, who is crazy after shopping then you are at right place As no other place can offer you so much variety at mind-boggling rates.

Stroll like a local in the Flea markets and fill your bags with enticing stuff from Singapore. Fleawhere, MAAD, Boutique are some popular flea markets in Singapore, where shoppers can satisfy their thirst of shopping.

Want to invest your pocket money in designer clothes, accessories or bags, then walk down the Orchard Road. Marina Square, Millenia Walk, Raffles City Shopping Centre and Suntec City are some other names of the shopping mall where you can find the best range of retail, dining and entertainment choices.

Now we guess, you can understand why is Singapore called “Shopper’s Paradise”.

Economical Singapore


It is a fact that travelling takes away happiness when it breaks our budget but Singapore is a perfect host for tourists and hence make sure to let travellers enjoy a comfortable stay at affordable rates.

You can gorge upon tasty food at pocket-friendly rates at the street shops. Chinatown Food Centre, Maxwell Food Centre, or any neighborhood hawker centre can serve you authentic food of Singapore at pleasing rates.

Interestingly, if you visit Singapore, also known as the Lion City during festivities then dear you can be lucky enough to save maximum bucks and enjoy to the max! During festivities you can also enjoy free goodies, while during national holidays you can enjoy a free visit to Singapore Museum, isn’t it worth landing in the city during festivities?

If you choose your hotel wisely then you can also save on your stay. Yes, if you opt for budget hotels in the areas like Little India, Tanjong Pajar, or Chinatown then you can get affordable rooms.

Holiday Packages

People from all age group can find something for themselves in this beautiful land. However, if budget bothers you then you can always count upon various attractive holiday packages offered by prominent online travelling agencies.

Yeah, globally-renowned online travelling agencies like, Expedia, Agoda, HoetlsCombined and much more can offer travellers a profitable deal. Staring from Their hotel ticket booking to their stay everything will be taken care by them.

So whether you are going on a family trip or with your friends, with online hotel booking site it becomes way easier.