Tech Inclination Changing The Milieu Begins!!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | May 09, 2017

Before when gramophones were invented that time Emile Berliner never thought that his invention would lay down such an incredible impact that even after so many generation gaps it would be cherished. But that time was the time of gramophones but now here comes the time of preferment of mobiles and even the modified version tablets, Ther is so much to look upon that we generally forget some of them. Mobiles and tablets has certainly invaded the genre of tech savvy people and are on the top list in terms of technology. No matter the requirement is there or not but it has to be there. Mobiles and tablets are the symbolic of elite class people who carry both according to their choices. Wide range of miscellany exist in the technologies drop down list. You always seem to scroll down but the list never ends. Technology inclinations has surpassed the normal human thinking and he cannot even imagine what is stored for him in his coming future. All the advance tech gadgets seems to be something every person's bucket lists demands to be. Technology seems to roll over the lives of humans and we are running out of control over it.Even we humans have the ability to incline the world towards the progress and let it reach to zenith.

Steve Jobs quoted once that "People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the only ones who do".


Here are some of the smart phones that are trending these days in Singapore:


Apple has set it's benchmark and is the completely flooding out the craze in the generations to buy an iphone. Iphone range is truly unbearbale for some pockets. But those who buy are completely ruiling the tech savvy life. Apple started to launch Iphones from Iphone4 and has reached to iphone 7 and is still in counting to launch more.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge:

The beauty of samsung galaxy s7 edge is what it gives you the look and the slimmest feel in your hand without compromising the big screen size. And the elegantly curved front and back fit in your palm just right. It's as beautiful to look at, as it is to me.

Google Pixel:

Runs on undiluted Android 7.1 Nougat, and it also comes with Google Assistant baked in. Assistant is Google’s new artificial intelligent helper: essentially an upgraded version of the existing Google Now and a competitor to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Like Google Now, you use it by saying the words ‘OK Google’ then asking it a question, at which point the Pixel will respond with what you want to know. 

One Plus 3T:

Looking for dominance then go by the big brands that is OnePlus, who took the mobile world by storm with one goal, to be the flagship killer. We think it's fourth smartphone, the OnePlus 3T, has finally achieved that goal. 



Rule the world on your tips with the amazing range of smartphones. Time is now to be smarter!!

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