Top 10 Must-Visit Holiday Destinations for Singaporeans in 2017

Post by Ashik Gosaliya | Feb 16, 2017

What the Middle East for the Europeans, Far East is for the Americans. But we never have ever asked the pertinent question about the holiday destinations for the Asians. Only a few unaware might agree that Asians aren’t great holidaymakers and explorers of the world.

A country which has a seventy percent population with at least one credit card and having thirty-seven percent of them use a credit card for online hotel booking or online flight booking is a testimony in itself that Asians are great holiday makers. Yes, we are talking about Singaporeans.

Since the Singapore calendar is full of long weekends this year, CollectOffers decided to take a stock of the holiday destinations Singaporeans will or should throng in 2017. Singaporeans are known to emplane the journeys that go beyond top searched holiday destinations, we at CollectOffers crunch the trend data to reveal the up and coming holiday destinations for Singaporeans.

Tiruchirapalli, India

If you love Rome for its ancient history, you would witness almost similarly ancient history by visiting the tiny Tamil town of Tiruchirapalli. To get the sense of South Indian art, you must visit this proper city of Tamilnadu, which is largely known for its temples and monuments. Go an explore the Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort to understand the ancient Indian history of its southern tip. Nope, Tiruchirapalli isn't all about religious places, it has more to do with the recreaction as well, like Puliyancholai Falls, which is known picnic spot in the city. Top of everything, get into any of the restaurants and you will get the authentic taste of South Indian Food.

Dunedin, New Zealand

If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, you would not miss this cute New Zealand town on its South Island, Dunedin. The town became a talk of the world after receiving a fame through Hollywood movies for its location and natural beauty. Established in the Victorian era, Dunedin still offers some of the glimpses of those old days. If you have a little bit of an idea of kiwi culture, you would not miss visiting Dunedin, but if you have no idea, make sure to get the perfect taste of kiwi culture and food in this dynamic town. Hiking, biking, and cycling through the trails would keep you busy. The Otago Peninsula’s dramatic scenery will leave you slack-jawed as you pass through.

Sapporo, Japan

Seafood, snow festival, and beer - yes, you know that you are in the biggest city of the Northern island of Hokkaido in Japan. The snow capital of Japan is known for its snow festivals. The Sapporo Snow Festival happens in February when the drifts are at their highest and temperatures hover in the freezing range and people head to the hot springs to warm back up. In addition, nearby Otaru is an intriguing day trip. Beer lovers will flip on their visit to Sapporo Beer, Japan’s oldest beer brewery founded all the way back in 1877.

Hua Hin, Thailand

Serving as a getaway for the fine folk of Bangkok since the roaring 20s, Hua Hin remains a great destination for people seeking a beach-side retreat away from the madding crowds of the mega cities of Asia. On hot days, inviting ocean and gleaming beaches beckon alluringly, and water sports are on the menu here. The tranquil beaches, lined with fancy hotels and humble seafood huts, provide countless choices of activities like kite surfing and water skiing, perfect for thrill-seekers and families as well. Hua Hin Jazz Festival is another attraction, and when you get tired of city life, you can charter a boat for a trip out to Monkey Island for a day of exploring, fishing and swimming.

Paro, Bhutan

For long brushed aside as the third world country, Bhutan is catching up with the rest of the world with its heritage, picturesque natural beauty, and its unique culture. To get the real taste of this Himalayan kingdom, you need to visit Paro. This ancient town is dotted with classic Bhutanese architecture and temples, including some of the nation’s most iconic, like Taktsang Monastery, the retreat perched on the sheer face of a cliff. Shopping may not be the reason why you visit Bhutan, but the world-class tracking and wandering the foothills here will leave you simultaneously exhausted and refreshed. Experience the spiritual calm here like never before.

Tokyo, Japan

Once the favorite holiday destination for Americans, Tokyo has gained the repute of everyone’s darling. Although, for Singaporeans, Tokyo isn't new and yet the craze for the city among the Lion City Owners is immense. Tokyo in recent years has managed to shed the tag of closed doors and have adapted to internationalization. Reason being that the stature of Tokyo has risen amazingly. Maybe CollectOffers has many great discount deals to offer for the amazingly fascinating capital of Japan. A single train ticket that helps you travel by the central city’s Yamanote line, gives you a glimpse of the past, present and the future of the Tokyo. Visit the imperial palace and wander the sprawling grounds, and then head over to Tokyo Skytree to check out the views. From there, head to Shinjuku and Shibuya for shopping, food, and fun.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The world knows Reykjavik as a small city with a big soul. None really require being told about Reykjavik as the small city, which is the capital of Iceland, has found the place in the heart of every holidaymaker. The colorful architecture, silvery sea and sparkling nightlife, all make the Reykjavik the must-go place. Reykjavik makes it easy with galleries and cafes for travelers to understand the culture, which is the focal point. The world's most northerly capital is full of life with a cosmopolitan culture. Even if you come to Reykjavík for a short visit, be sure to take a trip to the countryside. Absorb what you see, hear, taste, the smell in Reykjavik.

Hobart, Australia

Except you are a cricket fan or an Australian, Hobart does not click easily as Sydney and Melbourne are more famous holiday destinations compared to Hobart. However, like they say, each corner of Australia has something unique to offer, Hobart isn't an exception. While the world stays busy watching Melbourne, the happening things take place on the other side of the Bass Strait. Looking to venture into the untamed wilds of the Tasmania Island, Hobart sets you right in the spot. Moreover, summer festival season is the time one shouldn't miss if planning to visit Hobart.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Overshadowed by Taipei, Kaohsiung is one such city that would make you come back to Taiwan again and again for it being shopping paradise and for offering amazing dining experience. The second largest city and the largest port city of Taiwan have some of the mesmerizing sights of the wild that would take your breath away at each step. The commercial hub of yesterday has become an urban landscape with skyscrapers, airy cafes, water sports parks, and awesome swimming beaches. There is also a lovely harbor where you can watch the sunset and soak up the atmosphere.

Zagreb, Croatia

Zippy and zestful, that’s how you can easily recognize Zagreb as soon as you set your feet in this Croatian city. It is a fusion of culture, arts, music, architecture, and gastronomy that has made in recent times Zagreb a popular city-break destination for the Europeans and Asians alike. Based on a socialist structure, the city has young people infatuated to the quintessentially European party trends. In Zagreb, you will have a classical touch with contemporary fun. Either you look for a short drive to the fantastic ski slopes in winters or you have a heart for the pedaling around the city on a bike, Zagreb would not disappoint you. Museums, galleries, theaters, concerts, and cinema, everything and anything you ask for, Zagreb fits the bill perfectly.