Why Are Men Obsessed With Watches?

Post by Sameena Farooq | Apr 18, 2018

Today, the men have become so much obsessed with being stylish, fashionable and trying every hack to compete women. Therefore, it becomes essential for them to buy all the latest accessories and fashion items to look updated with fashion.

Watches can be considered an important accessory for men to wear and look different. Yes, most of the men prefer to wear just a cool watch as accessories as it is enough to make their look unique. Therefore, if you are a man then you genuinely love the watches and understand its importance in your life.

It just not provide you time but also it looks trendy on your cool trendy attire. When asked by a businessman, he explains his reason for liking a watch. He said, "I wear a watch because of its function of checking the time and none of the brand of checking the time on your phone during a meeting, in class, at dinner, etc. Plus it acts as a piece of jewellery that looks pretty cool on my business suit".

Therefore, if you are a man of words and like to wear trendy watches that look good on you then you must choose Zalora for shopping some of the best watches that make you look out of the trend. The plus point about choosing Zalora for buying watches is that it offers some of the unique brands and designs that can make any wrist beautiful.

Here are few reasons why men are obsessed with watches.

Watches embody craftsmanship and technology

When you are wearing a watch, it defines your personality as well as keep you updated. As today, with the invention of smartwatches, most of the people rely on various factors and this has reduced the use of mobile phone. Thereby, there are multiple types of watches to choose from for making your look fascinating.

The right watch is an investment

When a man is shopping a watch, it doesn't matter to him the cost. As most men prefer to buy a good brand watch and don't consider the price rates. They think that watch is a great thing to invest their money at. thereby, they buy the best watch that looks good on them and also considers a good brand watch.

A Fine Watch is an Heirloom

When a man carries a good watch transferred to him by his father, it is considered an heirloom. The father presents the watch proudly to his son, sealed in a box, and tell of all the experiences they had been through mutually. Therefore, that watch is quite a precious item for a man as it has lasted more than one lifetime is another reason why men buy watches. 

An emotional bonds

Men also share an emotional bond with thor watch. The first time you wear a new watch it feels a little odd on the wrist, but slowly you become used to it that you feel naked without it. Thereby, it becomes an important part of your life and you start sharing an emotional bond with it.


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