Your Bed Knows All Your Secrets Still No Complaints and No Demands! Your Best Connection Forever

Post by Priyanka Gupta | Apr 24, 2017

Do you think you get healthy sleep only on your own bed? Are you very particular about your bed? Do you also get anxious while sleeping on somebody else’s bed or even in a hotel room? Do you like sharing your bed with your cousins?  Do you also dream of your bed when you are completely exhausted? Do you think working lying on bed is more comfortable than sitting in the office?

We human beings are very particular about little things like accessories, places, food, and our bed. Yes, you heard it right we are very possessive about our beds and so as you. Lying on your bed is the best feeling one can have and leaving your bed is the worst feeling in the world, whether in the early morning or heading towards work and it’s nothing to do with your sleep, it’s because of the geniality and comfort that you share with your bed.

There are very few people in your life with whom you can be truly yourself and your bed is the one, the only one who will never judge you, never asked you to explain anything you can just relax and lie in all yourself. So, your connection with your bed is the strongest connection of your life which is everlasting.

Nowadays, people started connecting class and standard according to your bedroom and from the size of your bed, which decided your style and taste. So, let’s explore some of the trending bed for this summer season:

Divan Bed

Divan beds are made up of two parts which are connected to each other with bracket. these beds holds huge space inside it which you can use for storing your essentials which you not need regularly. Divan beds are commonly used in living rooms. These are available in two categories: Pocket Sprung and Cheaper platform top divans. These have extensive wide range in various shapes and sizes. 

Sofa bed

 If you are planning to replace your sofa of your drawing room this year then definately these sofa beds are worth to buy. These are multifunctional furniture which performs two function: standard sofa during day and can be served as bed for your relative during night. if you are living in a small apartment then sofa bed is best for you as they can be used as guest bed and are very comfortable and flexible.


Bunk beds

These bunk beds are very popular amongst teenagers. So, if you have two to three children then they will help you to save your money for their future. These have 2 layers of bed frames connected to each other. These are very good for small rooms as they occupy less space. These are very durable and sturdy and are found in hostels, dormitories, kids room. So, let your child enjoy his childhood. 

Canopy Bed

These beds defines royalty. These are used as the time of King and Queens and are back in the trend now. These have four wooden pillars placed one on each corner of the bed. You can decorate these pillars with different vibrant colours of fabric which will give your room a historic and luxurious look. So, if you want to get the feeling of royalty in your room then these are the best which will add up to your class.

Platform Bed


Nowadays, people are more towards simplicity and serenity. These beds usually have wooden base to support the mattress. These are usually lightweight, lowfloor and can be easily shifted from one place to other. If you have went to a boys room you will mostly find these types of beds as boys addicted to platform beds. You can also have storgae box if you want according to your essentials. 

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