Yummy In Your Tummy! Get Ready For Some Yummy Gourmet Delights Of Singapore!!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Jul 04, 2017

Let's talk about the Connoisseur of good food and be the person with the discerning palate that will enhance your taste buds and will create the essence of the foods that will be never experienced before in any part of a tourism destination. So, just get ready and indulge your taste buds into the amazing taste buds and get the succulence of the cosmic foods that will be the best part of your tourism at Singapore. There so many options you get to choose from the lists, the variety of cuisines that will crave to be in your tummy. So here are some awesome and currently trending list of foods here in Singapore.Singapore is said to be truly the foods paradise. From street food and heritage dining spots to swanky celebrity restaurants, options abound. ve got you covered with this handy little guide for you to navigate your way around this true foodie’s paradise.

Let's check out some trending foods in Singapore that will accentuate the foods of Singapore:


Mentaiko probably will be the life changing food for you. I mean having this topped and torched on anything Japanese and food-related. First used in Korean cuisine, mentaiko is pollock or cod roe combined with butter or mayonnaise which is now very popular in Japanese cuisine.

Japanese Cheese Tarts:

The popular BAKE franchise finally opened at ION and I think it’s safe to say that people got a bit overzealous with the queuing. I’ve personally tried them myself and okay… they’re good. Lucky for all of us, the hype has plateaued so you can now get some, minus the stress. Or maybe just try patronizing some of the other places that suddenly popped up replicating the yummy cheese tart.

Themed Food/ Cafes:

An equally common theme seemed to emerge though and that was that the actual taste of the food at the cafes just didn’t live up to the hype. The themed foods/cafes are something that is completely based on some particular food related theme that will make you crave more for some scrumptious foods of Singapore.

Floating Noddles:

Whoever conceptualized this probably got bored of just having their noodles served in a bowl. Embarrassingly enough, it took me awhile to work out how this sorcery was being achieved, and for that very reason, I’m going to let it remain a mystery to those, not in the know.

Enjoy the delicacies and give your taste some sort of change!! :)