Fave and Grab form a strategic partnership across South-East Asia

Post by Anupam Pandey | Oct 19, 2018

The two major e-commerce websites Fave and Grab which have been under talks to develop a strategic partnership for mutual growth benefits have announced it officially. The two companies wanted to work together in order to leverage both the platforms for accelerating their growth across the south-east Asian region.

The collaborative efforts will start from this week where Fave’s sales team will be brought onboard by GrabFood and GrabPay in Singapore and Malaysia respectively. This would target to accelerate the process of food delivery and mobile wallet services of both the companies and develop a more productive and growth-oriented process of operation. After the month of October, Fave would be trying the same initiative with the help of GrabPay mobile wallet and their sales staffs.

This would go to give the Fave customers a chance of using their GrabPay balance at restaurants and retailers under the merchandise of Fave and also be able to avail the deals and offers provided by Fave on the same. Users will be rewarded by cashback and discount offers on various categories for spending their GrabPay credit. This is expected to give a great boost to Fave as they would now be able to gain an access Grab’s wide customer base of over 110 million.


The integration platform on which this works enables Fave to access the variable components of Grab’s technology such as the logistics and payments functions. It is a suite of API’s that has been intuitively designed to perform the one of its kind working partnership which has never been done by the Gab platform prior to this.  The partnership certainly looks great prospect for developing the business of Fave and Grab. It will be interesting to see how productive it turns out for them. It is certainly going to start a new trend in the E-commerce world if it achieves success.