A Complete Know-how about the Online Revolution Sales 2018

Post by Anupam Pandey | Oct 30, 2018

The month of November is about to begin and this is the time of the year that is known for outrageous shopping mania spread globally. But the mania of shopping in today’s day and age is more about the online shopping than the in-house stores and malls. It is obvious too because the incredible facilities provided by e-commerce websites and the whopping low prices on the branded goods are just way too good to ignore and there is absolutely no competition between the sales conducted by the physical stores when you compare them with the online stores. At the end of the day, every shopper wants to save as much as possible and for this, one ought not to miss the online revolution sales.


The pre-Christmas sales season is something completely out of the box and it is therefore called the online revolution. It has been going on for the last 6-7 years in South East Asia and has gained a massive cult following where innumerable people wait for this shopping extravaganza to go bonkers while shopping. The online revolution sales offer jaw-dropping deals to the consumers and they can get an absolute steal price on their purchases using the ส่วนลด Lazada and avail exclusive discounts on their online shopping.

What is Lazada Online Revolution?

Lazada is the largest e-commerce shopping hub in the entire region and it started the biggest online sale with some of the topmost brands and an extensive range of products at unbelievable discounts that go up to 70-80%. This sale is started by Lazada on the 11.11 and continues up to 12.12 providing a mind-blowing opportunity to the shoppers of getting the products of their choice at prices that they could never have imagined. It is a dream come true shopping festival that keeps the whole population captivated in awe and ecstasy. And as the 11.11 is just a few days to go, it is the time to brace you for a month-long extravaganza of online shopping.

Everything you’ve Ever Wished for!

The year-end sales have always been one of the greatest opportunities for the consumers to shop for all kinds of products of their needs at once. The sale is now becoming a season of shopping that creates a craze amongst people for getting the best of the products at the best ever prices. The popularity of the sales can be understood from the escalating growth chart and the stats that have shattered every shopping record over the years. It keeps growing into an even better and pushes the threshold every single time. The Lazada Online revolution sale conducted last year generated revenue of over 400 million and this in itself shows the popularity of this sales season.   

There are a plenty of offers, discounts, freebies and giveaways that make this sale even more exciting. For the better understanding here are some of the most unbelievable deals that you can find on the online revolution sale this time around.

24/7 Flash Deals

This sales season, you would get deals all day long that you have never seen before. These deals will be applicable on different varieties of products and will keep updating in every two hours. The deals will be randomly selected from the large catalogue of products from wide range of categories but the offers would be given on a very limited number of products each time which will change in every two hours. This needs the customers to keep themselves updated about the latest flash deals updated after a couple of hours and keep tracking the lists of items put on sale to get those products that they wished for whenever it is put on the flash deal.

Up to 90% off on Fashion Products

This sales season you can find the latest trendy clothing at mind-numbing prices that will leave you awestruck in excitement. The offers on the incredibly large variety of products that come under the category of fashion will leave you surprised. There would be deals which would offer discounts up to 90% on a selective range of products. The sale would include some of the top fashion brands with a number of their latest outing put on sale for the first time ever. The sale would include a specific range for each day and would be offering deals on selective brands on every alternate day. The catalogue of products put on sale is expected to go around 400 thousand and it is unfathomable to even imagine this extensive variety of fashionable goods on sale as it has never ever happened before in the market.    

Crazy Deals on Electronic Products

If you have been waiting to get a new mobile or any other electronic good for your house, it is the best time to purchase it now in this online revolution sale. You can find exclusively crazy deals and discounts on all the top mobile brands during this festive sale season and get your favourite smartphone at the cheapest prices that you couldn’t have ever dreamed of. The incredible range of electronic items from all the top brands would be listed in the crazy electronic deals and you can win many exclusive gift hampers too to get additional benefits on the purchases. There would be many other schemes available including the no interest EMI facility for those who want to buy products on instalments.

Discount of Up to 70% on Household and Kitchen Utility Goods

There are a plenty of necessity items that are required by us for our day to day households and kitchen is one of the most vital parts of our life as it is the place which we use to prepare our food. The online revolution has got it all covered and it includes every kind of kitchen appliances and other household goods in the sale. There would be a wide variety of products from a number of best-sellers to the latest tech appliances from the top brands with up to 70% off on their selling price. This would be an ideal time to fill up your household with all the quintessential products for the next few months and ensure to save a big chunk on your day to day utility items.

Open the Mystery Box for more Surprises

Everyone loves a pleasant surprise, isn’t it? For this sole reason, Lazada has come up with a concept of exclusive mystery boxes which you can gift to your loved ones this festive season. It would be an exciting way of gifting as neither you nor the receiver knows what he is about to get. The concept is very simple; you can purchase a mystery box at a given price and it would have a lot of goodies inside which would be valued much higher than the price you have to pay for the mystery box. The items included in the mystery box would have something for everyone and the products have been selected with a very keen effort to keep the box full of surprise elements that add value and have usability in the day to day life. Therefore, if you are interested in giving or getting surprised, mystery box is there for your taking. You can gift it to someone whom you want to or even buy it to surprise yourself with a Pandora’s Box full of goodies. To know that you have bought something interesting without knowing what it actually is indeed a great element of surprise and it has been aptly named the mystery box as far as the idea is concerned.

11.11 Sale

The day when the online revolution begins is apparently one of the biggest days in the online shopping world as there are many other e-commerce retailers opening up the famous 11.11 sales. This sale is also attributed as the single’s day celebration helmed on the 11th day of the 11th month i.e. November each year. But it would not be wrong to say that 11.11 sale has made it more popular than it ever was before the auspicious online sales began on a number of online shopping sites. You can find some of the best deals and offers during this sale on a variety of e-commerce websites on a wide range of products. The deals available on shopee are especially noteworthy as it is one of the biggest competitors of Lazada at present and ensure to keep up the heat of the competition which ultimately helps the customers at the end of the day. You can also avail the ส่วนลด Shopee to ensure additional savings on your online shopping done during this 11.11 sale.

Few Easy Tricks to Make Maximum Leverage of Online Revolution Sale

One thing which is particularly a problem for the users during such sales is the inability to take the maximum benefit of the deals and offers available for their taking. It is mostly due to the confusion and overwhelming limit of time and stocks available during the sale. The over the top advertising does ensure that people are well informed about the deals and the offers that will be available for them during the sales, but it is rather left unclear on how the user can avail those offers. Most deals are gone within a blink of the eye and consumers are often left frustrated. So here, I would like to suggest a few easy tips and tricks that will help you take the maximum leverage of the sales this time around.

  • ·         Put all your items in your shopping cart well before the sales start

This is very helpful and inarguably the most elementary thing that you need to do before a sale. You must figure out those products that you wish to buy. It should not be restricted to one or two products and you can rather place many different products even if from the same category in your shopping cart well before the sales begin. When you do this, it will automatically make you well informed about the price drop or the deals as soon as it is applicable on the product listed in your cart and you can easily buy them immediately at the slashed prices.

  • ·         Use Coupons and Voucher Codes for Additional Discounts

It is highly recommended that you explore the coupons and vouchers on some of the top sites such as www.collectoffers.com/th and find the special codes which can get you additional discounts on the final payable amount. This will ensure that you get the lowest possible price for your purchase.

  • ·         Use Cashback offers on your Online Shopping

You can avail some amazing cashback offers while doing online shopping which you can find on a number of websites. These websites offer you cashback of a certain share that you spend online for shopping products through their reference. This cashback is stored in form of points or coins in your account’s wallet which you can redeem in future online transactions.