Best 2017 Makeup Picks To Fill Your Beauty Kit With

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 16, 2017

Makeup Products have always been a close friend to a woman. Be it getting updated with a trend, or trying your hands on newly launched products or makeup tutorials, women love it all! 

It isn’t that pretty ladies put on makeup for others but they in a way enhance their beautiful features, right queens? Well, what we at CollectOffers feel is that makeup products are drugs that once you get addicted to, you crave for the new ones all the more desperately! Smiling faces, I see. 

We all are aware that with each season the makeup trend goes down a shuffling phase. There are times where the old ones are revived and also where a completely new one takes their place. And yes, of course, the evergreen ones like- smokey eyes and red lips (to name a few!) can never be forgotten. 

Well, keeping these things into consideration there are a few products that you gorgeous ladies will go ga-ga about them! 2017, just like the previous year will see a number of trends that will mark a special mention on the ramps, red carpets, and fashion shows! 

So, without wasting much of your time provide us the opportunity to reveal you the 5 best picks of 2017.

Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Foil on fleek! We know you legit cannot wait to try on the glitter eyeshadow on your eyelids. These glitter ones have already made a buzz in the beauty world, but then the glitter and metallic shades are going to be on a roll this year.

High coverage concealers Women are often suffering from under eye darkening issues, pimples or marks. The best product that has come handy is concealer. This year it is going to be a year for full coverage concealer. The concealer works as a magic wand to your marks and patches.

Highlighting and Contour Palette If you didn't get the hang of strobing in 2016, highlighting and contouring palette is here to help you out. The nude color shades will be a bang on this 2017! You will get the sun glowing skin when you try your hands on the kit.

Outrageous eyelashes A very great product for false lashes, instead of the extensions. Glam pretty fancy pen marking eyelashes or false eyelashes those are perfect for parties. A very easy to use product. 

Liquid Lipstick The liquid lipsticks, especially in glitters, are going to be a trend this year. Mattes, for sure are not going anywhere, but then when it comes to making the newest trend, glitz and glam is all about it.

These were the 5 best picks out of a number of others that are going to make a buzz this 2017. So, queens do not forget to try your hands on them!