Best Mothers Day Gifts for the Modern Moms

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 08, 2019


A relation can not get deeper and more meaningful than a mother to her child. This is indeed a mother's love and care that allows us human being to flourish and grow as a society. Right from the birth till the point of time up to which we become capable enough of taking care of ourselves, we all have bee  through a stage in our lives when we were completely vulnerable and docile to even the smallest of threats and it would have been least likely that a child as vulnerable as human baby could have survived if not for mothers.

As the Mother's Day approaches, there is a lot for you to do to surprise and express gratitude to your mom for the sheer selfless service she has done for your sake. Even though it is not possible to put any value the emotions behind this heartfelt love of a mother for a child, but still you can at least acknowledge and thank her in the sweetest way to put across a smile worth more than millions. In today's modern-day and age, the technology has gone forward and you can actually make a wholesome modernistic mom experience out of it. This is the least you can do for your mother who purposedly sacrificed on every step of her life till now to make you proficient and respectable human being. So visit Big C online now to get the mothers day gifts 2019 on great offers for showing your affection in a small and memorable gift.

Mom Never Forgets - Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker


As your mom gets old, there ought to be certain drawbacks of old age which might strike her routine life with a bit of problem every once in a while. One of these problems happens to be that of forgetting things as the memory tends to lose the cognitive ability with the age. This may or may not be as much of an effect but you can never tell, better be prepared and keep your Mom guarded for such small hiccups so that she doesn't need to get upset over silly issues like that. Surely every one loses a small thing on someday and even your mom will, but never let her realize the repetitiveness of it so that she gets too much-troubled thinking of the issue as a major one, especially when you can avail the device such as TileMate which is a simple

Bluetooth powered tag that helps your mom find those things through wireless connectivity. We live in a tech age and we should ensure to make the most out of it for the happiness of our loved ones, shouldn't we? There is a four-pack of the Tile Mate, and the company does add more diligent features such as rechargeable battery and the voice assistant support provided by the Google's Home mini devices are readily available in the market at hefty discounts with these free shipping codes for Shopee. This deal will ensure can actually make sure that your ageing mom never forgets or misses out on things after keeping them with just a simple tap of a button or a voice command. This deal sounds impeccable doesn't?

Mixing Health with Drinks - Vitamix

As your mother is growing older by each and every passing day of her life, it becomes your moral responsibility as a child to take care of her now. It is really amazing how the cycle of life changes with time and the roles of the relationship reverse. The same mother who nurtured and brought you to grow up into the person that you have become today will soon need you more than ever before. So make sure to keep your mom healthy and fit and endure what so ever may come her way. In case your mom has been struggling with health issues in the past,

Vitamix would be the perfect mother’s day gift to give to your mom. This electric blender as good as they come and one of those exceptional pieces in the market which ensures to cut down every slight bit of the vegetable and fruits to restore every elementary vitamin and nutrient found in it as it should ideally be. This essentially makes every fruit and vegetable easier to convert into a drinkable beverage and thereby ensuring the good of all things are being mixed together in your diet. This blender is truly a great way, to begin with, the nourishment and nutrition of your mom, and what better day to start a health-conscious plan than the mother’s day?

Tech-Savvy Mom's Gift - Bluetooth Wireless Headset


So as we progress into a world of connectivity without the compulsions of wires, it would be really unfortunate if you do not help your mother to cross this new technological barrier yet again. As a child, we all must understand the kind of hesitation elder would usually showcase upon switching to new technology. So it is about time that you bring you and introduce a new wireless world to her. The Bluetooth wireless headset not just ensure that your mom will enjoy listening to the music without any wires to worry about. Obvious as it ought to be,

Bluetooth headphones are truly cool to look at from the very first sight. So take this Mother’s day as an opportunity to usher into a whole new world of wireless connectivity, soothing music and secured calling. The Bluetooth powered wireless headsets usually last more than 5 hours after one full charging and it is more than sufficient to keep your mom entertained as and when she wishes, without any apprehensions about wires getting into the work operations and ruining everything to all ends up. Find the best deals on the Mothers Day gifts especially on tops Thailand and Shopee Thailand to grab the best online deals and save a great deal on your shopping amounts.

A Friend for Conversation - Facebook Portal


The time has gone past when just calling used to be sufficient enough for interaction. The technology has driven us into new spaces and it is just seamlessly progressing towards a virtual one on one interaction where you can simply sit and talk to a person as if one is sitting right in front of you, without any complicated mechanism to cause hindrance in between. The facebook has come up with a video call machine which is a gadget specifically designed and dedicated for the same. While there have been other options for video calling available for a long time, but they are usually not as much viable and user-friendly in practical terms. The Facebook Portal is a 21st-century video calling device meant to resolve the problem once and for all.

This device is really a great gift that you can give to your mother on this mother’s day.  Apart from video calling, this device does provide many other significantly useful multimedia features such as music player, video player, smart voice assistant, picture slide show and camera. This device is one of the easiest ways to say ‘hi’ on a video chat without any worries of connectivity and hassles of poor internet speed on the wifi router. The device is only meant for video calling another Facebook Portal device. If the other person does not possess the same, the call made will be automatically switched into a voice call through the facebook messenger. With a price tag so low, this device is surely worth giving a second thought for this year’s mother day present to your beloved mom.

Cooking on Steroids - Instant Pot Cooker 


If your Mom loves to cook as is most often the case with most of my friends, you should probably look forward to gifting options that explore the conventional cooking mechanism in the new technology-driven kitchen gadget. These devices are not just easy to operate on but also offer various other cooking benefits. Honestly, any keen cook would feel delighted to have such gadgets up in his kitchen shelves as a warrior is pride upon his arsenal. So make your mom’s day special with a gift that she will really find obsessive enough to not ignore.

One such option you have got is the Instant Pot, a modern-day pressure cooker for the modern age moms which makes the traditional pressure cookers seem slow and petty in performance. Indeed, some chefs call it Pressure cooker on steroids due to its incredibly quick and instantaneous cooking prowess which dissolves food with steam in no time at all. The cooker is no just quick but also maintains a very diligent and delicate flavour preserved within to serve the delicious meals as they are ought to be. You can check out Shopee Thailand for the best price offers on the latest tech gadgets and appliances for saving money on the best brand products.

Gifting a Smart Personal Assistant - Google Home Hub


With the smarter lifestyle evolving into the households seamlessly, it is now a mainstream to find the electronic equipment and devices that come with the support of Google Home Hub. The digital way of living is seamlessly blending in our day to day and why not given the fact that it eases our life to such a great extent that can is incomprehensible, to say the least. The smart home hub by google is one such device that is certainly dragging a lot of attraction for all the right reasons and more specifically due to the cost-effectiveness of its features. The device can help in house management like your very own personal assistant working on your commands without any questions at all. Now if you have not wondered yet, is it not the perfect assistant for your mom?

She would love anyone obeying to her commands without any questions and doubts, follow whatever is being told, answering the queries and managing every compatible electronic equipment of your household as and when needed. So, this gift would probably make a sense if you are not able to spend a lot of time with your mom and still want to ease her life in the most astute and subtle manner you can possibly manage to do. 

Health Motivation Gift - Fitbit Inspire HR


When you do get the latest kitchen gadgets, then probably it is a time to move on a and take it a step further by making your mom health friendlier than she has ever been. The health is not easy to maintain especially after a certain age and the same goes without saying for everyone. While it might not be a convenient option to force your mom to a gym or a fitness centre membership, what you can do is simply ease health into her basic knowledge and lifestyle with the device right from the beginning with the stats and figures.

This does motivate a person and pushed them to work harder on their health and soon it turns into their lifestyle before they can even realize. It is a great way to learn a lot of elementary figures about body stats involved in physical exercises, yoga, meditation, cycling and pilates. So she could have the flexibility to choose an approach to fitness that she is more comfortable with and get an inspiring push towards a healthy life. Of course, inappropriate and imbalanced nutrition intake is also a serious issue that influences most health of such health-related issues. This device provides a better understanding and knowledge of dietary intake of her meals too so that she could ensure the intake and workout accordingly. You always want the people you love to stay healthy and keep smiling. Make sure to get the best benefits with วันแม่ 2562, วันแม่แห่งชาติ, ของขวัญวันแม่, ของขวัญวันแม่ 2562 and put a big broad smile on your mother's face. Always remember, you exist because of her, and you should make her efforts fruitful. This is the least you can do for your responsibility as a child, and keep the bond tightened to the strongest hold ever possible in this world.