Enjoy Food-On-The-Go On Streets Of Thailand

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 06, 2017

Hello, food-holics! Thailand has always been a passionate country for its food- be it the one enjoyed in a sophisticated restaurant or the convenient street food! Previously we shared with you about the authentic restaurants- their specials and menu and as promised this time we are back with the delicious street foods!

Travelers making a trip to Thailand would never miss out the authenticity, cultural and comparatively cheap meals. The taste and essence of street foods are definitely unavoidable. The street food of Thailand is something that comes in various guises and is intimidating for foreign travelers. One can easily fetch for them on side of the rood, on a food stall- with tables and chairs for the customers. 

Thai Food has always been a cherished treat for the foodies, often each food stall or street food vendor specializes in a particular dish. And then if you are concerned about the hygiene and cleanliness, so here’s a tip for you all: eat at buys places and there you will have a surety of fresh ingredients and cleanliness as well. 

Now, without wasting a moment let us move on to discover and unravel the yummylicious food-on-the-go on the streets of Thailand! 

Noodles Umm..yeah you all might be thinking, how come noodles be something unique eatable, that is something that one can avail anywhere. But no! Not just a single or two varieties, in Thailand, you get to experience a number of varieties of noodles. To just name a few: the chicken noodles, duck noodles, egg noodles with wonton and 'moo daeng' (red barbequed pork), beef and meat ball noodles, 'yen ta fou' (noodles in red soy bean paste with fish ball, squid and morning glory) - and the list is endless.

Khao gang Khao gang (curry rice) is a fixture on the streets of Bangkok, a popular breakfast and lunch option for foodies-on-the-go. Curry rice is a selection of curries and stir-fries, any combination of which can be piled on to a plate of rice. The best of these vendors, such as Khao Gaeng Rattana (Nang Loeng Market) fill the foodholics with immense pleasure and leaves them awestruck when they gallop the food that the cook had made as a special menu for the day! This can be best available and tasted in the Old Town, Bangkok.

Nuttaporn Ice Cream Handmade ice-cream is actually not considered as a typical street food in Bangkok, but Nuttaporn Ice Cream, has had plenty of practice in making people go gaga over it for 60 years to be exact. Although the coconut milk flavour (kati) is its most famous, Nuttaporn also offers mango (mamuang), chocolate, coffee, and Thai iced tea (cha yen), alongside toppings such as roasted peanut, corn kernels, lotus seeds, red beans, shredded coconut, sweetened plum seeds, and coconut sticky rice.

Khao soy Khao soy (curried egg noodles) is probably northern Thailand’s most famous dish- a mix of Chinese-style noodles, central Thailand inflected coconut milk curry, and braised beef or chicken. One of the few vendors to offer it in the capital, Khao soy is presented to diners with a nice bowl of flat egg noodles swimming in a gently flavored coconut broth liberally garnished with deep-fried noodles, green onions, raw shallots and a wedge of fresh lime.

Bua Loy Nam Khing One of the favorites of the Thai dessert for the foodies is Bua Loy Nam Khing. It is a little rice flour dumplings filled with black sesame butter which floats in the ginger water. Therefore, at some places, it is also known as ginger soup with black sesame filled dumplings. The dessert cum soup is very refreshing and can be best tasted in Chinatown which is known as Yaowarat by the locals.  

These are just five out of many other street foods of Thailand that are relishing for your taste buds. So, next time either you are in Thailand or traveling to don’t forget to try on these yummy cuisines!