Guide to Find the Perfect Smart phone for your needs  

Post by Anupam Pandey | Dec 05, 2018

The mobile has come a long way from just being a medium of calling people from long distances. In today’s time, mobiles have become an essential part of our lives and serve a lot of functions in the present digital era. You can manage and access all the information that you want within a few minutes through your mobile. This is the time where mobile has reincarnated into a new form and name which we know as Smartphones.   

The demand of the smartphones is getting higher with time and technological developments. This has resulted in a very high number of mobile manufacturing brands each having many different models with different performance capabilities. Within such a crowded market competition, it has really become confusing for any ordinary man to choose one for his individual need. It is hard to adjudge as mobiles are getting out-dated within a matter of months or a few weeks. So here we came up with a solution to help you make the right choice for your next smartphone in case you are looking to purchase a new smartphone. There should be no doubt in your mind about where and when to buy it because you won’t get a better chance than 12.12 ขาย to buy your new mobile at the lowest price. You would not only get a great offer during the sales but also avail these ส่วนลด Ali Express to avail more discount on the billing price.   

Things You Should Know About Smartphones


The mobiles started as a feature phone with a few additional features along with calling and text messaging. But with the introduction of smartphones, the canvas expanded to an unprecedented height and turned it into a mini computer in a way. The introduction of touchscreens and the ease of having different kinds of application for a certain task gave it a giant leap from the feature phones. One could now easily perform various functions on the one and the same device which were separately done with many different devices.

·         Smartphones have touchscreens which are more immersive and interactive than any other tech invention and expands its utility beyond an average ‘feature-rich mobiles’.

      Smartphones contain a well-developed processor and dedicated memory for task operations which enables it to perform complex computing tasks with ease.

·         The uninterrupted and fast data connectivity provides access to the internet from anywhere at any time.

·         One can conveniently browse the web to stay updated of happenings around the world which makes the smartphone a reliable and an omnipotent information solution.

·         The inbuilt camera makes it easy to capture images and shoot videos instantaneously.

·         The ability to store and access media files of all types of audio, video and images whether it is small or big in size.

·         Ability to stay connected with social media, emails and other messenger services.

·         The ease of GPS gives an accurate location tracking and find route map to any place in an instant.

·         The availability of millions of applications to enjoy a plethora of online services whenever required.

·         The ability to work and manage text documents, excel sheets and all other types of data files.

·         The online video streaming and video conferences can be easily done through smartphones.

·         Provides biometric security assures the data safety, security and protection from any other kind of misuse by any mean.  


The smartphones have a lot to offer but that doesn’t mean it is a perfect device on all fronts. There are few minor drawbacks of this immaculate invention too.

·         Smartphones are relatively much bigger and bulkier than an average feature phone both in their size and weight.

·         Good smartphones are much expensive than the basic feature phones and cheap smartphones are not capable enough to pull off smarter tasks with efficacy.

·         The physical structure of the smartphone with a touchscreen at the front makes it very vulnerable to damages even to the slightest of accidental injuries. This makes smartphones short-lived.

·         The smartphones consume more battery and most of them don’t last for even one day.

·         Last but not least, every new smartphone gets out-dated within a month or two after its launch and a newer better model replaces the older ones.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Smartphone

There are many key factors that determine the performance of a smartphone. The models usually differ in their strengths and weaknesses as every smartphone is built with a different target audience in mind. The ability of one phone can be better in a few aspects while the other is better in rest of the aspects. It all comes down to the configuration of the processor, internal memory, storage memory, graphics management, screen resolution, hardware assembled and the compatibility with the operating system. All these elements combined together to determine the performance of a smartphone. To find the best-suited smartphones for your requirements, you can pick the more relevant factors and adjudge it on the basis of its strength and weakness.   

 Operating System -

The operating system is the soul of a smartphone that plays the same role as the operating system does on the computer. It is the basic platform on which the mobile operates and all the different tasks it is capable of doing. It is the software which interacts with the user and responds accordingly. There are two major operating system platforms that can be found on the smartphones as of now which are iOS by Apple and Android by Google.


The first operating system that could actually be helmed as a smartphone was the iOS which was developed by Apple for its product iPhone. It was the pioneer in the innovation of the concept of a smartphone. iOS is a very refined and proficient performer that delivers very accurate and consistent task operations with an organic fluency. It has a very high level of efficiency when it comes to utilization of the potential of the processor on which it works. Though iOS provides a very close, safe and secure environment to its users and has a very strict policy that allows installing only certain applications that have been verified by Apple’s app store. But due to the same reason, iOS has a limited accessibility and ability to connect with any foreign device except Apple itself.  This operating system is limited to the products of Apple such as iPhones and iPads.


It is the most popular and most abundant operating system that you would found on almost all the smartphones except those of Apple. Android is a product of Google which is apparently the biggest tech company in the world. Google has developed Android as an open source platform which allows complete freedom to customize and mould it. There is an unlimited number of apps on the Google Play Store with lots and lots of varieties for every single task. The Android also provides a perfect synchronization with all the other services of Google to give a wholesome experience. Although, Android does not has that high refinement which iOS has but still, it manages all the tasks very effectively. The performance of Android can fluctuate depending upon device configuration. It is a universal mobile OS that accepts everything and gives immense freedom thanks to its open source platform.

Processor and Chipset

The processor is the brain of a device and it is the most critical factor that determines the performance of a smartphone. The performance and task management get better with the increase in processor’s power and the number of cores. A processing speed of a processor has a prominent role in multitasking, app management, graphics-intensive tasks, fluency of games, other heavy media files and large sized apps. The latest processors usually stay relevant for a period of up to 2 years after their launch. Do keep in mind to check the processor and how old it has become before buying a phone. The higher the processing speed and number of cores, the better is the performance of a smartphone. The best chip available in the market at present is Snapdragon 845 by Qualcomm. MediaTek, Apple, Samsung and Huawei are few other companies that manufacture the processors.

Storage Space – RAM and ROM

Storage is of two kinds. One is the temporary storage that is RAM which is used while performing the tasks and Permanent storage that is used to store the data. The volumes of data you are going to use in your mobile depend upon things you intend to do with your mobile. If you keep a lot of media files, music, images and high graphics games, then you should opt for a higher storage. Although if you are more interested in managing your work files with some other functional apps, low storage such as 16 or 32 GB would be sufficient. Even if you have a limited storage, there are cloud storage services available on both the device which you can use to store files and access them whenever you want to. You can also check whether the device supports external storage or SD Cards which can prove vital in case you have limited storage space.


The camera is one of the most important things which is the deal breaker or maker for many people who love to take pictures with their smartphones. The smartphones usually come with two cameras one at the rear side and other at the front. There has been a recent trend of using the dual camera for more clear and in-depth image capturing ability which is a really ideal choice if you want a good camera phone. The performance of the camera depends upon the lens used, its pixel count, the sensors that manage lights and size of the aperture in the camera.  The aperture of the camera should not confuse you as it is opposite to the norm. The numbers decrease with the increase of aperture. So lower the number used to present the size of the aperture, the higher is its aperture.

Display and Screen Size

The screen size and resolution determines the visuals produced on the display. Most smartphones use LCD screens while only a few uses LED display screens. The viewing quality and colour saturation of LED is much better than that of LCD’s. LCD is much cheaper to produce and keeps the cost of the phone on a lower side. The LED is more expensive and only found on flagship grade premium smartphones which are sold at much higher price. The colour production depends upon the resolution of the display and size of the screen used which combine together to determine pixel per inch count. The higher pixel count is always better for display quality and colour reproduction on the screen as a general rule of thumb. There are many screen sizes available on smartphones and people nowadays generally prefer bigger screens.

Always remember that the smartphones are of wide varieties and range. It is much better to evaluate your requirements and figure out your needs before choosing which handset you should buy. As far as price goes, you can easily find many expensive and mid-range smartphones at jaw-dropping prices in the forthcoming 12.12 ขาย. You can also apply these ส่วนลด Central Online to extract some added discounts on your next smartphone purchase.