Land In Paradise With Thailand’s Best Island Escape! 

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 02, 2017

Thailand has got world’s most beautiful islands and most travelled ones too! There is a huge list of islands that one can sway away when in Thailand. Undoubtedly, Thailand has got some of the most famous islands of the world and is popular on the tourism globe for their beautiful beaches and party atmosphere, however there is more to explore.

You might have travelled to Thailand a number of times and then if you think that there is nothing that you’ve missed, we apologize, you are wrong here! Don’t believe us? Well, go through the article till the end and we bet you’ll change your opinion soon! 

Thailand has myriads of exquisite islands to choose from and makes it almost impossible for a traveller to leave their footprints behind in a single trip! There are different styles and tastes of holidaymakers. For some travellers, an ideal island visit would be where they can spend some self-time going off the grid and enjoying a lazy day with a book and listening to the waves! (Quite soothing) And some may like it to be a posh one- where they check in a luxurious hotel and click envy-licious pictures and innumerable snapchat stories (enjoying the free Wi-Fi access of the hotel, of course) of every place they visit. 

Whatever might be your style, you can surely not give a miss to any of these islands in Thailand! Below are five Islands that’ll make your visit to Thailand a memorable one, and yes you surely will be a storyteller!

Koh Lak We can give you a reason to give Phuket a miss! Yes, and it is for Khao Lak. Of course due to being explored less, there are fewer travellers making a visit here. If you like the comfort of civilization and avoid the commercialized beaches then Koh Lak is the island you must surely visit. The beaches here are long, beautiful and warm with a background of forested hills. Splendid, is the word for the rock formations, islands, and waterfalls in the jungle. The drive itself from Khao Lak to Khao Sok is spectacular.

Surat Thani Surat Thani means “The City of Good People”. The city located on the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand combines together the elements of alluring nature with a glittering history of civilization. The hilly topography has created numerous river basins. Placid dark river water meets the turquoise ocean to create a stunning effect especially so in the Tapi river basin. Surat Thani has several small restaurants that serve excellent sea food and can compete with the best in Thailand, at much reasonable prices.

Koh Kood This is one of the most beautiful islands among the unexplored ones. In fact tourism has been rising steeply on this white-sand wonder since the addition of a high-speed ferry and a five-star resort, Soneva Kiri. Still, with no public transport and blessedly few bucket bars, its idyllic pockets are many. Ao Klong Chao is the island’s most popular beach, but Ao Phrao in the south is a near-empty strip of equally lovely coast.

Koh Samet Leave the partying on Bangkok's Khao San Road and take things a little slower in Koh Samet, one of the quiter islands not far from the mainland. Hat Sai Kaow and Ao Phai are the most lively and this means a spot to string up a hammock and a bar serving chilled drinks. The chance to experience a tranquil side to Thailand, away from the majority of tourists, is well worth the time and effort it takes to get here.

Koh Chang If you want to travel away from the mainland and you don't have time to go far, then a trip to Koh Chang could be the perfect solution. The island boasts of beautiful beaches, waterfalls and a scattering of stunning green parks. Even if you are travelling solo, we promise you won't feel lonely, despite the name, at Lonely Beach, the premier party place on an island full of lively bars. The small town set-up is where you'll also find chilled day-time hangouts and friendly locals who are more than willing to show you around the island on fun day trips.

These were the 5 least explored islands of Thailand, and we hope you haven’t visited to these islands, despite visiting Thailand number of times. And if it is your first trip to travel, and you like to travel islands other than mainland, you should not give them a miss!