Let's Stay Tenacious And Shed Off All Afflictions

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Apr 05, 2017

Physical fitness is the state of a person’s wellbeing. How fit is the person’s body could be easily determined by the fitness he or she portrays outside the body and not only the outside body strength inner stamina is also equally important. There are so many ways a person could keep his body fit some of it involves sports, exercise and outdoor activities.

 Fitness is not completely about weight, body size or shape it is equally about mental fitness. A completely 0 figure women could be completely slothful compared to the woman who is not so thin. But what matters more is mental fitness as well as body fitness. Fitness gives a level of confidence that could motivate oneself in a positive direction. 

Here I would like to quote something said my our very famous sports person Muhammad  Ali “ Its lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting new challenges”. Believe in yourself and gain confidence and conquer the challenges of life.

People now a days are so conscious about their body that they are ready for extreme workout plans that could ensure the fitness. They are ready to join gym, follow strict diet plan, step out of the house for some outdoor activities.

All sort of diseases are captivated inside an unfit body. Unfit body is the weld of all diseases so its important to keep your mind and body thriving so that no sort of illness could apprehend your body.

Thailand is one such country where lies a humongous craze for fitness. The fitness world is now not so strange and here is the trend for 2017 fitness that will subvert your body in coming years.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is redefining fitness and health , wearable fitness trackers can be worn on the wrist, clipped to clothing, or around the waist or chest. Common functions of these innovative device include heart count , sleep monitoring, but these basic functions are only the beginning.

 Online Workouts

Online workouts involve all the videos streamed online related to the fitness sessions conducted by  models and celebs and trainers as well. YouTube is hence the amalgamative channel which has all sort of workout videos.

Online Personal Training

This sort of method connects you directly to the fitness instructors and helps you in guiding through your whole fitness sessions with a proper diet schedule as well.


Bungee Workouts

You may have seen viral videos of bungee workouts circulating the internet. Originated in Bangkok, Thailand, these high-flying workouts consist of elasticized bungee cords anchored to the ceiling, which are then strapped to harnesses around participants’ waists. These spring-loaded cords allow participants to perform high-flying dance moves and traditional fitness movements in a variety of positions, including upside down and on the walls! The bungee fitness trend has continued to grow and is popping up in locations across North America, even spawning new varieties, including Ballet Bungee, a ballet workout that allows participants to feel like the high-jumping prima ballerina of their dreams. This trend is so much fun, we predict bungee workouts will continue to pop-up in boutique studios across America and cement it’s place as one of the top fitness trends for 2017.



Dance Workouts

Zumba has been a mainstay in the fitness industry for many years and we expect the dance fitness trend to continue into 2017, with a variety of new dance-inspired classes popping up across the nation. Some of our favorite new classes include Strictly Come Dancing, a workout that teaches the basics of ballroom dancing while burning major calories. Aerobics is also a sort of dance workout that helps a lot in dusting off those leg warmers! 

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