Must Have Outfits In Your Closet To Compliment Your Height

Post by Sameena Farooq | Mar 27, 2017

Making a style statement is possible only when a woman carries her outfit with full confidence and ease. Often women with tall height consider it to be a style impediment. However, when it comes to shopping for something that will compliment your stature you first need to go armed with the knowledge of what outfits will work best for your height.

Remember the last time you fell for denim and couldn’t buy it because it wasn’t up to your ankle and seemed to have got shrink in the laundry? Well, next time when you are in such a situation, grab that denim and roll it along the hemline which will work as an illusion of rolled –up denim and also let you flaunt your footwear too! 

Loved this styling tip? Well, we have some wonderful styling tips and outfits that will compliment your height. Below is a rundown of 5 must have outfits and how you could style them, without considering your height as an impediment.

Maxi Dress Maxi dresses are one of the perfect outfits for a tall woman. The flow and baggy look of a maxi dress compliment your height and don't make you look too tall. The length of the dress might pop as a problem sometimes, well no worries on that. Just tie two knots on both the side and it will turn out to be a beautiful midi dress! 

Ripped Denim The best way to cover up your height and yet look stylish is trying out ripped denim. Ripped or cropped denim are the best way to switch things up when compared to the skinny denim. You can always play with the length by following the tip mentioned above!

3/4th Sleeves The best sleeves length for a tall woman are the 3/4th fashion wears.  This is a particular sleeve size that is universal for everyone and works as a great alternative for full sleeved tops and dresses.

High Waist belts When you want to give a balanced stature to your body one of the best tricks is adding high waist belts to your outfit. Tie your belt on our natural waist and let the magic happen! 

Jumpsuits Jumpsuits with flare and a bit loose in size work best and compliment your height. Always remember that skinny clothes make you look all the thinner as well as extends your height. 

So this was all for now, you can also try out many other ways but one most important thing is that you must feel comfortable in your outfit and embrace your height as well!