Shop During The Most Awaited Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day Thailand 2019

Post by Sameena Farooq | Aug 27, 2019



The Shopee 9.9 is the most awaited sale we witness in September every year. This year too, Shopee has announced that its 9.9 Super Shopping Day which is expected to be the most demanding sale. With the remarkable sky-rocketing records of the brilliant performance on the Shopee 9.9 sale 2018, it will be interesting to see how the customers will react to this year’s sale.


As during last year’s sale, the demand was so high that the shopping e-commerce destination has extended some of their shopping festivals from two to three weeks more.


Shopee offers its services in many countries including Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Last year has surpassed 2017 year’s record at 7.43am (+8:00 GMT) on 9 September and achieved a new milestone with a record of highest-ever sale performance in Shopee’s history. The record was more than 5.8 billion orders about three times more than a normal day.  


Let’s see the last year’s record of the Shopee 9.9 sale 2018 highlights with the infographic below.




Categories that saw a boost in orders last year 2018 from the previous two years!


The Major highlight of Shopee 9.9 sale 2018


  • 15 million products were sold within 24 hours of time.
  • The number of purchased item sold exceeded 99,999 within 9 minutes.
  • Flash sales 99 million shopping coins via Shopee Shake game
  • Up to 99% discounts sitewide.
  • More than 10000 sellers will participate in the campaign.
  • The sale boosted its support to more than 7 million sellers and 10,000 brands across Thailand.
  • The top brands that witness a boost in the sale are Eloop, BigC, and Unilever.

Health & Beauty, Baby & Toys, and Mobile & Gadgets 


Health & Beauty, Baby & Toys, and Mobile & Gadgets categories also marked at the top-performing categories during the 12-day event shoppe 9.9 starting from 29 August to 9 September. Health and beauty products were the main attraction why customers got frenzy with the sale and it caught both men and women attention who want to buy cosmetics, skincare, and other essential health products during Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

The event proved to be highly popular with so much excitement all around the country and is a super hit event offering shoppers a great shopping experience with a wide range of flash deals. 3 September 2018 was declared as the beautiful day on Shopee and collected huge sale on whitening lotions, night creams, and lip balms as the top three beauty products.


Super Brands Festival


The 9.9 sales also featured top brands on 31st August where it featured largest and exciting collection from leading brands on Shopee Mall.


Roza, Slumberland, and Coca-Cola were among the top brands that saw a great boost in their orders when shoppers stocked their favorite items from the top brands.  


Now, this year’s sale 2019 is expected to see more boost than last year.


9.9 Super Shopping Day 2019

Here are some highlights of the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign:


1.      When the sale will take place?


The 9.9 super shopping day has already started from 19 August and will run till 9 September worldwide. There are lots of interesting deals and campaigns along with popular other activities taking place. The best thing is Christiano Ronaldo is the new Shopee ambassador. You will find packed shopping discounts along with promotions, activities, rewards, vouchers and many special Coin Cashback.


2.      Free Shipping with no minimum spend


There is no minimum spent requirement, this means you can easily shop freely without worrying about the minimum spend requirement. This eases shoppers pressure and you can make your purchase freely without worrying about how much to shop and how much to spend. The promotions and vouchers help you find the best deal and with code ส่วนลด shoppe you can save more.


To collect the Shopee free delivery codes, come online between 00.00 - 02.00 hrs and get free delivery codes for purchases from Shopee Mall from midnight 14:00 hrs from 21 August - 12 September 2019. This will help you to shop freely and besides, get ready got shoppe 9.9 discounts.  


The flash Sales prices start just 9 baht only and earn 99% Coin CashBack. You can buy all the famous brands codes at a discounted price and up to 90% more than any other time.


3.      Shop for new fashion items


The 9.9 Shopee sales allow you to shop for fashion products and enjoy the huge sale. The clothing collection is the latest trend, available in a variety of styles for all young men and women who love fashion and follow the trend that offers them the right value for money. So, whether it is clothes, dresses, pants, or any other trend, it is a great opportunity for you to shop for new items on the 9.9 sales.   


So, to keep an eye on the latest trend, keep an eye on top trends and promotions and shop for bags, shoes, fashion garments or cool jeans loaded with gifts and hampers.


4.      Shop for new gadgets or great value E-Vouchers


If you are a gadget lover and don’t want to miss the biggest shopping campaigns then Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day brings you best IT equipment and gadgets which you can’t miss in this mega sale event. Wow, promotions such as E-voucher discount codes and Shopee games let you win lots of exciting discounts.


Don’t keep this fun game to yourself but also invite your friends to shop for new products. All the trendy items will keep you motivated to work hard and the cool IT gadgets such as smartphone, battery, a gift voucher, a gift card will make you more motivated towards work. Visit the website now, don’t miss the opportunity to shop from leading brands with free promotion at the best value. Use ส่วนลด shoppe and get assured discount on your purchase.


5.      Consider buying electronics


Do you want to find the best guaranteed quality electronics at cheap rates? Shopee is your one-stop destinations where you can find some useful electronics of wide range at your budget prices.  There is a wide range of useful electronics such as home appliances, mini-refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, flat-screen TVs and much more. To shop them at a more reasonable price and discounted price, use the unqiue ขาย 9.9 and get guaranteed discount and offers. So, if you want to buy comfortably without worrying then play fun games and earn Sopee coins that will help you shop best quality and products of god value. Don't miss out on Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day and enjoy your shopping experience.  


6.    New Shopee game worth playing


The Shopee game besides entertaining you when you are bored doing traditional shopping, it also enhances your shopping experience. Download the shoppe mobile application and try playing with the new cool shopping challenge like SHopee shake Shake or the freshest game like Shopee Catch.


By playing the Shoppee games, you can add a discount of up to 20% and receive shoppe coins that will reduce the prices mentioned. It acts as a reward point store in your shopping account and to avail maximum discount, play as much as you can.